Ever been at a loss for words? Sometimes that’s okay. Instead of stumbling over your tongue to share some pithy response or words of wisdom, it’s probably better to lean towards appearing mysterious. My personal favorite response when I have none is to say, “I’ll just keep my thoughts to myself,” followed by a slight smile. This is a good go-to when, if like me, you stumble over words and respond to someone with garble and drool.

It’s not good to be at a loss for words when faced with a written assignment. It’s even worse when you have lots of things you’d like to say, especially things pertaining to current events, but feel it’s best to keep those things to yourself ­— most definitely when uttering them might lead to spitting along with the aforementioned drool.

My child is a Pinterest devotee. I can’t go there because I would never go anywhere else, except maybe a fabric or craft store to buy more things to add to a towering pile of projects that forced me to ban myself from Facebook until I’ve made a dent.

I said “I can’t go there,” but I never said Pinterest couldn’t come to me. This morning, I opened my email and there was an invitation to use the popular “visual bookmarking tool.” Wonder of wonders, Pinterest was more than willing to “help me discover and save creative ideas.” I could start a whole new pile of stuff on the Cloud!

Best of all, the site offered writing prompts, just like my third grade and sixth grade reading teacher, Mrs. Schumacher, did decades ago.

Writing Prompt #79, “She was starting to realize that the only monsters were the ones who knew what they were doing was wrong,” rang too close to the day’s headlines.

Writing Prompt #56 made me laugh, although it probably wasn’t intended to, “Books smelled like home and not just because he used to live in one.”

“Sitting on the floor, I could watch all the different feet walk past,” had potential, but only if I had a street-level office window.

I’ll run with “Something growled in the darkness. It was close.” My stomach is telling me it’s lunch time.