August 30, 2014

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Area commissioners inspect Auglaize River logjam PDF Print E-mail
Friday, November 30, 2012 2:23 PM

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KENDRICK WOODS — Allen, Auglaize and Shelby County commissioners inspected a meandering section of the Auglaize River choked by a massive blockage of tree trunks, cut wood and other debris near Kendrick Woods on Thursday.
The Auglaize River and Two Mile Creek Stream Enhancement Project #1306 was approved on Nov. 20. Rahrig Tree Co. from Forest will begin work on the obstructions in the early spring.

Engineers estimated clearing logjams and trees along a 67-mile stretch of the Auglaize River from Westminster in Allen County through Auglaize County and ending at the Allen County-Putnam County line at approximately $777,000. Translating to an average cost of $1 to $8 per square acre funded through assessments of property owners who live around the Auglaize River basin.


Allen County Soil & Water Conservation District River Inspector Ethan Collins has been involved with the project since last year.
“We work with the contractors and landowners to make sure all parties involved understand the process and are accommodated,” Collins explained. “The removal is scheduled to be completed by April 1, 2014.”

According to the clearing and snagging section of the bid, the logjams have been grouped into four classes according to the type or size, “A” being the smallest to “D” being the largest. Labor to remove and dispose of the debris varies by class. There are 1,280 class “A” logjams at $260,770, 364 class “B” at $139,810, 95 class “C” at $97,300 and 21 class “D” 50,900 totaling $548,780. The obstruction affects 85,863 acres in Allen County, 20,249 acres in Van Wert County, 406 acres in Shelby County and 14,995 acres in Putnam County. A temporary 75-foot working easement will be established along the outer tree line during the work.  A permanent 25-foot easement will exist for future maintenance along the outer tree line.  Landowners will be permitted to farm and crop the easement area.

Allen County Soil & Water Conservation District employee Scott Langenkamp provided some background on factors attributing to the bottlenecks affecting the natural flow of the river.

“Debris has gathered around the river’s curves over the past five years, causing flooding, erosion and affecting wildlife,” Langenkamp explained.

“The ice storm in 2005, the flood in 2009 and the ongoing loss of Ash trees due to Emerald Ash Borer are contributing factors highly impacting the jams.

Once things start up in the spring, workers will begin at the Putnam-Allen county line and move south, stretching about 60 miles, and ending at the Allen-Hardin county line.

For more information on the Auglaize River Log Jam Project, contact the Allen Soil and Water district at 419-233-0040, ext. 3, or log onto

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