September 1, 2014

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Village discusses purchase of new plow truck PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, December 20, 2012 5:21 PM

OTTOVILLE — Village Council met Wednesday night for a brief meeting before its annual Christmas party to discuss the purchase of a new snow plow truck.

The current truck, which was one-year-old when purchased in 1996, is experiencing maintenance issues. Council member Jerry Markward and plow driver Barry Koester have been looking at replacements.

“I looked at some used trucks and the savings for buying a used one isn’t really going to be that great. I think a new one is somewhere between $6-8,000 more. You’re going to sink $2-3,000 in an old truck to make it look good and it’s still going to cost you on maintenance.” Markward said. “We can get a 2013 Ford F-550 from Reineke for $40,878. The old truck was around $36,000 when we bought it. Then for the upfits, which would be the stainless steel bed, the salt spreader and the blade, we were quoted $35,256 by Kalida Truck Equipment. With the old truck, we paid $32,000, so that went up $3,000, which isn’t that bad.”

The new plow, which will cut a 10-foot path, will be an improvement on the old plow which measures in at 8.5 feet.

Council gave permission for the new truck to be purchased along with the snow plow equipment, which together will cost roughly $76,000. The truck will be paid off through the bank, with a three year, 3.35-percent interest loan.

Markward said the old truck will be put up for sale after the new truck is acquired.

Council gave permission to the Buckeye Trail Association to use 500 feet of the old canal bank, under the stipulation that the village not be held liable for any accidents which may occur during work on the trail or usage of it.

Council members also voted to accept a bid presented by Go Green, LLC for the removal of the old Wannemacher house, located at 287 Church Street. The house will be torn down and the basement filled in. The property will be used by Ottoville’s park department.


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