September 1, 2014

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What I would tell America’s founding fathers PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, December 26, 2012 5:18 PM

Each year, Veterans of Foreign Wars posts across the country offer young men and women chance to earn scholarships and other incentives through the “Voice of Democracy” Program. Here are the winners from the Delphos post.



By Hayley Ryanne Smith

Jefferson Middle School

Grade 6


If I could get to meet America’s Founding Fathers I think that it would be a great honor to meet some of the greatest people in our country’s history. I would also say my opinion on what our country is today. Also, I would say some things that I don’t think they did right. So here is what I would say.

First I would ask them why they had slaves. I mean I know that they needed them for work, but I mean didn’t they know African-American people were just like us. Didn’t they see that? Once I heard a story about President Lincoln. That he had gone to a slave auction and paid the highest price for that person and it was a young lady. When they got back to his house he said, “You can go now I’m setting you free.” She said, “Since you are letting me free my decision is to stay here with you.” That made me think about what it would be like if I was a slave. What I would say to our Founding Fathers is what would it be like if you were a slave. How would you want to be treated?

Another question I would ask them is why didn’t they let women vote? Why only men? I think that it is because men always had to do the dirty work and women always stayed in the house taking care of the children or doing housework. So they think women are not important enough to take care of the big things like voting for a President. Well they were wrong! Now women vote almost everywhere in the world and that is great! Also some countries don’t let women vote and I think that it is not fair. Plus some countries don’t have a Representative Democracy which is sad because most of those people have to go off to war or have to work really hard. I feel sorry for them because they don’t have a life for their kids and for them to be free. I guess some people aren’t so lucky.

The last thing I would tell them is that they did a great job and that they were really great people and what they did for this country was so great. Also they fought for what they thought was right and what they believed in and that I would support them in anything else they would choose to do. That is what I would say to America’s Founding Fathers.



By Alyssa Hohlbein

Jefferson Middle School

Grade 6


Dear Founding Fathers,

There is so much I would like to tell you. First, I would like to thank you for fighting for our freedom and making America. I am glad that you made the constitution. If it was not for the Constitution, the American people would not have freedoms or rights. This helped make the government.

Secondly I want to tell you how I dislike slavery. I strongly dislike how the blacks were treated in the past because of their skin color. Other countries have slavery. I wish they did not. I am very glad that our country does not have slavery anymore.

Another thing I would like to tell you is how I dislike war. I don’t like all the killing, but I know we need war to fight for our country and our freedoms. I think all the peopel that fight for our country should get an award. This would be the right thing to do.

I am thankful for the right to vote. I think everyone should vote because it is their right. It is not fair when someone does not vote then dislikes the President. I know there were some people that were unable to vote, but today people can vote by mail if they are not able to go out to vote.

Now, I would like to tell you about our economy today. It is not doing very well. What advice could you give our government today? What do you think we could do to help make it better? We could really use some help.

I want to tell you that freedom is a great thing. I think every country should be set free. It is not fair that other countries are made to worship gods that they do not want to, and if they do not they will be killed. These are some things I just wanted to tell you. Again, thank you for making America a great place to live.


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