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Monday, February 04, 2013 11:42 AM


Last week you were introduced to the ancestors of Johan Heinrich Recker. This segment carries the information in more detail. The earliest records were found at the Catholic Church in Ostercappeln. They are as follows:

First generation: On 2 November 1701 a man named Joan Henrich Reker married Anna Margaretha Luebeker. They had three children: Anna Margaretha, 1703-1765 who married Joan Claus Simon; Catherine Margaretha, 1707 – 1744, who married Claus Henrich Bettenbroich and Johan Heinrich (below).


Second Generation: Johan Heinrich was born on 8 July 1710, died 1 January 1802. He was a schoolteacher in the village of Hitzhausen, near Ostercappeln. He was twice married. On 11 May 1734, he married Anna (or Catherine?) Elizabeth Erdtman (or Erdewin?) who bore him a son, Joist Henrich, born in 1736. On 3 November 1738, Johan Heinrich married second Catharina Adelheid Clasing, who gave him three more children: Heinrich (below), Johan Christopher 1743 – 1750, and Anna Maria Wilhelmine Dorothea, born in 1752.


Third Generation: Henrich was born 12 November 1739, died 15 May 1771. He also became a schoolteacher at Hitzhausen. On 19 July 1764 he married Anna Marie Holtgreve, who gave him five children before his somewhat premature death. After his death Anna Marie married second, on 14 May 1774, Joan Rudolf Leonhard. She died 11 February 1775 at the age of 31, leaving her children with no natural parents. They were: Anna Maria Elizabeth, 1765, who died an infant; Joan Henrich below; Maria Elizabeth, born 1767; Clara Maria, born in 1769 and Joan Bernd Henrich (1771-1847), who married in 1799, Maria Elisabeth Meyer, (or Mehring) and died a widower.

The next generation was Johann Heinrich Redecker/Recker and Anna Maria Linckemeyer, who were married 18 July 1797 in Germany. Their records are as follows: Joan Henrich was born 10 August 1766. He first married Anna Maria Senger, who died 24 June 1797, having borne him a son, Johan Jost Henrich, who died an infant in 1791. On 18 July 1797 he married second Anna Maria Linkemeyer. They were parents of Gerhard Heinrich, Johan Christopher Henrich, Klaus Henrich, Anna Maria (Recker) Moening (not verified, Johan Henrich Ludwig, Bernard Gerhard (not verified) Johannes Andreas and Hermann Henrich Peter and possibly two more children (Mary Recker Jennings and Joseph Recker).

Johan Heinrich and Anna Linkemeyer Redecker came to America in 1838 on the “Pennsylvania”, arriving in the Port of Baltimore. As stated in last week’s chapter: There were eight in their group on the ship. Others were their oldest son Gerh. Hinr. age 43, his wife Anna Marie, age 38 and their four daughters: Marie Elizabeth, Maria Engle, Anna Maria and Clara. Their last permanent address was listed as Hitzhausen, German.

Anna Linckemeyer’s parents were Everd Heinrich Linckemeyer and Katharina Engel Winter. They were married 18 November 1767. Everd Heinrich was born 7 October 1742 and died 12 April 1796. Katharina was born 26 September 1742 and died 5 February 1785.

Fraternal grandparents of Anna Marie Linckemeyer were Joh. Heinrich Linckemeyer, who was born 16 June 1709 and died 22 November 1766, and Anna Maria Beckmanns, born 23 October 1710, and died 12 January 1762. They were married 28 January 1731.

Anna Marie Linckemeyer’s maternal grandparents were Gerd Jurgen Winter, born 12 February 1708 and died 26 December 1783 and Anna Adelheid Hermdierckes, who died 5 October 1773. They were married 21 September 1741.

Johan Heinrich and Anna Maria were known to have eight children: Gerhard Henrich 1797 or 1798 to 1856, Johan Christopher Henrich 1799 – 1890, Nickolas “Klaus” Henrich 1800 – 1866, Anna Maria (Mary) 1801 – 1880, Johan Henrich Ludwig “Louis” 1805 – 1884, Bernard Gerhard (George) 1808 – 1879, Johannes Andreas 1809 – 1882 and Herman Henrich (Pete) 1816 – 1884.

In her book “The Recker Connection in America”, Jeanette Laudick divided the family into eight chapters: A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H.

Jeanette added; The two additional children that seem to have been closely connected –as their families were intermingled with the verified Reckers, include Mary Recker Jennings b. circa 1810, who married Bernard Jennings (Yannings) and Joseph Recker, b 1814, who married Mary Ann Musing. They are listed in the 1850/60 and 1870 census.

Bernard and Mary (Recker) Jennings (Yannings) came from Hanover, Germany in 1835 or 1841. Mary was born c 1810, married and was widowed by 1870. Their children according to the 1870 census include: George 1839 – 1907, Bernard Theodore 1849, Mary Theresa 1842, Mary Catherine 1843 (died young), Eleanor Catherine 1846 (married Joseph Hotneier) and Anna Mary 1851 – 1936. Glandorf church records show that Catherine Jennings 1846 married 1871 to Joseph R. Hotneier (possibly Heitmeyer) b 1844. Catherine and Joseph had four children: Anna E. Hotneier 1872 – 1952, married to Bernard Beckman (they had one child), Bernard Hotneier 1874, Mary C. Hotneier 1876 and Franz J. Hotneier 1878.

Anna Mary Jennings (Yannings) 1851 – 1936 married 1871 to John Herman Recker 1845 – 1927, son of Herman Henry and Mary (Kottenbrock) Recker. They are parents of seven children, who are listed under Herman Henry Recker (8-3) It was known that they were closely related.

Joseph Recker 1814 married Mary Ann Mussing c 1818, daughter of William and Mary Mussing. In the 1850 census they lived in Ottawa Township, New Cleveland area. The family was not listed in later census. They possibly moved. Their children include” Bernard c 1840, Theodore c 1843, Theresa c 1845, Josephine c 1847, Mary c 1849 (died young), Henry c 1851, Catherine 1853 and Anthony c 1857.

Jeanette used the Charles Recker Book as reference for the following: Redecker/Reckers are found in the vicinity of Osnabrueck, a city of Northern Germany located near a hill called “Iburg” which was a stronghold of a tribe of pagan Saxons who were defeated and converted to the Catholic faith by Emperor Charles the Great in the eighth century. The Emperor made Osnabrueck the seat of the bishopric. During the Middle Ages Osnabrueck and the surrounding area was ruled by the bishop who was also a secular “prince”. After the Thirty Years War, Osnabruck was incorporated into the Kingdom of Hanover.

An early history of the farming community (=Bauerschaft) of Sudendorf bei Glandorf (located south of Osnabruck) which was published in 1961 by Dr. Bernard Riese, of nearby Fuechtorf, reveals that a Recker family and farm was established in Sudendorf as early as 1499. These Reckers were called “Markkotters” because they lived in a cottage on the periphery (=mark) of the community, unlike the “Erbkotters” whose farms were located in the central part of the original Bauerschaft. One interesting distinction between the Erbkotters and the Markkotters is that the Erbkotters could afford a plow with horses, but the Markkotters were required to pull the plow by hand. Also: In 1928 a priest named Wilhelm Recker wrote a history of this Recker farm.

The entire family of Johan Heinrich and Anna Maria Recker migrated to Ohio from Osnabruck, Province of Hanover, between 1832 and 1838. Most members of the family eventually settled in Putnam County. Some of Johan Christopher Heinrich Recker’s children settled in Tilbury and Amherstaburg, Ontario, Canada areas. Others moved to Iowa. Farming was the main occupation of the Recker sons. As stated in last week’s edition, some of the sons of Johan Heinrich and Anna Maria Recker came earlier than their parents.

Herman Henry came in 1832. Descendents of the fifth child, Johann Heinrich Ludwig “Louis” claim he came in 1828. The second child, J. H. Redecker immigrated in 1832/33. J. H. Redecker from “Ostercapee” appears on the passenger list of “Charles Ferdinand” with two other adults and three children. This is believed to be John H. Christopher Recker.

The chapters for the children were: Gerhard Heinrich Recker, b 1798 in Hitzhausen, married 1821 to Anna Maria Kaiser of Heuer, born 1797 in Hitzhausen, Germany, died 1863 in Glandorf, Ohio. They came to America in 1838, with his parents. Gerhard was also called George.

Their children were: Marie Elizabeth 1822 – 1838; Angela 1826 – 1910 married Franz Wilhelm Deters in 1844 (Glandorf). Frank 1814 – 1887, was a sailor who traveled all over the world from age 17 to 26. They had 10 children; Anna Maria 1830 or 1829 – 1909 married 1847 to John Diedrich Gerdeman 1817 – 1890. Anna was also known as MaryAnn. They had 8 children. Clara 1835 – 1877 married 1852 to Joseph Hermiller 1822 -1897. Joseph went on the California Gold Rush. They had eight children; Maria Anna 1839 – 1909 married 1856 to Theodore Ellerbrock 1827 – 1907. They had seven children; Henry Recker (sixth child of Gerhard and Anna Maria) b 1841, died prior to 1888. He married Mary Gertrude Schwartzengreber in 1862 in Glandorf. They had two children; Maria Theresa Recker 1843 – 1870 married 1865 to Bernard J. Lammers 1839 – 1914. Theresa died at age 28, leaving two children. Gernard married second to Mary Verhoff in 1872; Anna Catharine Recker 1846 – 1922 married 1866 to Gerhard Kleman 1846 – 1925. They had 10 children.

Johan Christopher Heinrich (Henry) 1799 – 1890, born in Hitzhausen, married 1824 to Maria Engel – Mehring. Maria Engel died 1843 at the age of 45. They came to America, presumably with three children and had three more in America.


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