August 20, 2014

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The Super Bowl has come and gone once more PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, February 07, 2013 2:08 PM

The Super Bowl was definitely an interesting spectacle.

The Baltimore Ravens seemed to have everything going their way when the “blackout” hit in the third period.

Now, if I were a paranoid person — which I am not but that’s because everyone is out to get me! — I might think that the 49ers had something to do with it. After all, they were seemingly going nowhere fast and the break seemed to invigorate them and stifle the Ravens’ momentum.

This despite what Phil Simms had to say that it didn’t, in my most humble and correct opinion!

An aside — I think he is one of the best analysts going today, so no one’s perfect!

Who knows if the 49ers would have made a comeback anyway; we can always argue pro and con: they were gathering steam and putting “it” together; they were dead in the water; etc., etc.

Here is another issue brought up since: should the 49ers have considered going to Alex Smith when Collin Kaepernick was seemingly ineffective?

If they hadn’t staged that rally when they did, would the pressure have been on Jim Harbaugh to make that move — and thus open up the floodgates for a full-fledged quarterback controversy in the off-season?

Fortunately for him, Kaepernick made that a moot question — but you can still have some fun arguing the point.

An aside here: where will Smith be next fall? There are a few teams that would likely be great candidates for him because he, at last, seems to be living up to his No. 1 status. The Chiefs are one, the Raiders another, perhaps even the Jets since Mark Sanchez is damaged goods. Isn’t that what is so great about being a fan — we can have these “civil” discussions about what-might-have-been and never really have a conclusion?

Hopefully, no punches will be thrown!

Then there was this interesting comment by Baltimore quarterback — and soon-to-be free-agent — Joe Flacco during the victory parade about him being a “Raven for life.”

Does that mean he will take less from the Ravens during negotiations? I have heard more than a few pundits make that case but I don’t know; after all, they low-balled him last summer during negotiations because he wasn’t considered an elite quarterback.

Well, he is now!

I know that Ray Lewis was on a lot of people’s minds one way or another.

There are many that believe he is a phony that — literally — got away with murder oh those many years ago, before the first Super Bowl triumph by the franchise, only because he is Ray Lewis, professional football player.

I can’t really blame them. Celebrities and pro athletes, for example, do seem to live by another standard; I don’t think that is wrong to write and there were some … “interesting” facts.

There are many that gave him the benefit of the doubt as to what he has done with his life since, which may not be a really good response to what was a crime that he was “around”, but it is true.

Again, that is fodder for “civil” argumentation.

However, he chose the right time to retire and hang up the cleats once and for all. He is clearly not even close to what he once was in his heyday — or even two years ago.

Whatever you think about him, the game will be lesser with his retirement. He will go down as one of the greatest middle/inside linebackers of all time — I don’t think that is hyperbole — definitely one of the most passionate (OK, I’d have done fine without “The Dance”) and is a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer.

I think that some voters will not vote for him because of the events that happened early in his career and I can understand that completely.

However, if they don’t vote for him because they don’t want a unanimous vote, that is bush league.

As far as the new inductees into the — say it with me now in your best John Facenda intonation — “Pro Football Hall of Fame,” I really can’t argue with any of them. They are all deserving.

Bill Parcells, Warren Sapp, Cris “All he catches are touchdowns” Carter, Jonathan Ogden, Larry Allen, Curley Culp and Dave Robinson will join the other immortals in Canton in August.

In fact, I thought that Culp was already in: I’m showing my age when I say I can remember him being one of the best defensive lineman/nose tackles — when that was a new position — in the NFL for many years for the old Houston Oilers.

For Browns’ fans, Art Modell will blessedly not go in — for now.

Methinks at some point, he will get in. If Al “Thorn in the side” Davis can get in, Modell likely will.

As well, guys that did not get in, especially Charles Haley, Andrew Reed, Aeneas Williams and Will Shields — a many-time Pro Bowler offensive lineman — likely will get in sometime.

With only five available spots, including owners, and two possible from the “seniors” — those retired 25 years or more — some worthies will get left out every time.

Maybe next year!
Just think; training camps for the 2013 season open in about 5 months!


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