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G6 Bernard Gerhard Recker c 1807/08 – 1879, was the sixth child of Johann Heinrich Redecker/Recker and Anna Maria Linckemeyer who came to America in 1838. Bernard was also known as George B. Reacker. He married Mary Theresa Strothman, c 1810 -1871. Her last name was also spelled Hortmann and Hrotman. They lived in Ottawa Township, Putnam County and were farmers.


Their Children were:


6-1 John Henry, 1839, died young

6-2 Bernard Gerhard II 1841 – 1842

6-3 Bernard Gerhard III 1844 – 1923 He used the name Gerhard, when young and George, when older. George married 1872 to Mary Clara Nievermann, 1854 – l932. They were parents of 12 children.

6-4 Mary Theresia Recker Erhart 1847 – 1925 married 1867 to Andrew Henry Erhart 1840 -1906.Mary Theresia and Andrew Henry were parents of 11 children.

G-7 Johannes Andreas Recker b 1809 in Hitzhausen. Andrew landed in New York in 1830, worked his way west finding a job on the canal that ran from Toledo to Cincinnati. They worked from sun-up to sun-down and had to provide their own shovel. For this they received $1.00 per day. If they owned their own wheelbarrow they received an extra 25 cents per day. Andrew first married in 1836 in Glandorf to Mary Ann Monch (Moench). She was born c 1804, while he was engaged in helping dig the canal a few miles south of Spencerville. Mary Ann was buried in an unmarked grave in that area. Glandorf church records show they had a daughter, Elizabeth, who was born and died in 1836. According to an old county history, Mary Ann Monch left a son by the name of Frederick Wilhelm, who was adopted by Andreas. This son took the surname of Recker. In 1837 Andreas married Mary Ann Hesseling of Glandorf. She was born in 1820 in Lingen, near Osnabruck.

Andrew continued to work on the canal. While living in Cincinnati, they lost a 2-year-old baby, who is buried somewhere in Cincinnati. This most likely was their son, John Herman. After Andreas’ work on the canal was completed they returned to Delphos where he knew there was good farm land to be had and they would be near Mary Ann’s family. They made their home in Jennings Township.

Frederick Wilhelm/William Recker (adopted son of Andreas) was born 1833/35 in New York and died in 1877 at Fort Jennings. In an old census was found a William Recker, b 1833, who had a wife Barbara (b 1838) and lived in Jennings Township. According to the 1870 census Frederick “Frank” W. Recker was born in New York and his wife Barbara was born in Holland. F. William was stated to be a son of Andrew Recker. (Since Andrew listed the children of F. William in his last will, Jeanette included them and their children. In Section 7-1a. Andrew died in 1882 and was survived by his second wife, who bore him six children. (Frederick Wilhelm has everyone confused)

7-1a Another listing of Frederick Wilhelm/William 1833/35 – 1877 has him married to Barbara Fischbach, who was born in Etelbrick, Luxembourg. F.W. is buried at Fort Jennings. After Frederick Wilhelm’s death Barbara married John Joseph Menke. To Frank William and Barbara were born five children.

7-1a-1 Susanna Recker 1861 – 1919, marred in 1878 to George “Henry” Ebbeskotte at Delphos. They had eight children.

7-1a 2 Mary Barbara Recker 1863 – 1912 married in 1890 to Anton Gerweck 1864 – 1953 at Beatrice, Nebraska. They had three children.

7-1a-3 William John Recker 1865 – 1920 married 1891 to Catherine Elizabeth Wieging 1873 -1920. (She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anton Wieging). The 1900 census of Jennings Township lists William John’s birthday as 1867 and Catherine’s at 1875. They were parents of four children.

7-1a-4 Frank Joseph Recker 1869-1943, married 1897 to Anna Marie Stegeman c 1875- 1880, died c 1912. They lived at Muntanna, Ohio and were parents of six children.

7-1a-5 Augustus Recker 1871 – 1954, married 1899 to Mary Christine Bruskotter 1878- 1959 at Fort Jennings. They were parents of seven children. Julius (1908-1986), a son of Augustus Recker (1908 – 1986) married 1937 to Lucille Helen Gerdeman 1910 -1983. She was the daughter of Joseph and Catherine (Steffan) Gerdeman. They made their home at Fort Jennings and were parents of three children. Many descendants of this family lived at Fort Jennings. The Recker quads (three girls and one boy) who played for the Arlington basketball teams, State Champion Girls and State Boys Runner-up in 2012 were said to be members of this family.

G-7 Andrew and Mary Ann Hesseling had six children.

7-1 John Herman Recker b 1837 was not listed in the 1850 census. Apparently he was the son who died in Cincinnati (1839-40)

7-2 Catherine Recker Stauterman 1842-1925 married John Stauterman. Catherine was buried at Delphos. John and Catherine had three children.

7-2-1 William Stauterman 1874 – 1958 married Anna Metzger 1880-1966. They had two daughters.

7-2-2 John Andrew Stauterman 1878-1951 married in 1900 to Christine Miller 1880-1963 They had three daughters. Some of the descendants of this family have the surname of Heitz, German and Trentman.

7-2-3 Sophia Regina Stauterman 1867 – 1926 married 1892/93 to Bernard Louis Lammers. They were parents of Lawrence Lammers 1894 – 1978. who married in 1915 to Christina Agnes Elwer. They lived in Delphos. Surnames of some of their descendants are Lammers, Pohlman, Hemker, Warnecke, Wolf and Altman.

7-3 Mary “Anna Marie” Recker born at Glandorf 1846 – 1933 married at Delphos in 1865 to William H. Elwer, b 1840 -1902. They were parents of six children:

7-3-1 Catherine Elwer 1868 – 1956, married 1889 to Frederick Grone. They had 10 children.

7-3-2 Frederick William Elwer 1870 – 1965, married Elizabeth Grothaus 1871 – 1952. They lived across the street from St. John’s Church in Delphos. They were parents of three children: Veronica Elwer Osting, Theresa Elwer Pohlman and Otto Elwer.

7-3-3 Christina Elwer Faeth 1871 – 1920 married Edward Faeth 1867 – 1967. They made their home at New Washington, Ohio and had nine children.

7-3-4 Mary Elwer Wild 1875 – 1970 married John Wild 1875 – 1959. They made their home in Berwyn, Alberta, Canada and had seven children 7-3-5 Rose Elwer Alt 1879 – 1971 married Joseph Alt (1876 – 1964) of Seneca County. They lived most of their lives in Huron County, Ohio.

7-3-6 Andrew Elwer 1882-1888

7-3-7 Henry Elwer 1889 – 1963 married Philomena Gremling 1891 – 1975. They were parents of eight children. Many descendants live near Delphos and Glandorf.

7-4 Anna Recker Saum was the fourth child in the family. She was born in 1851 or 1859, d 1919. She married 1876 to Peter John Saum 1848 -1931. They were parents of 10 children.

7-5 Elizabeth Recker Osting 1862 -1946 married 1878 to Clement “Clem” Osting 1853 – 1929. They were parents of five children:

7-5-1 Josephine “Phinee” Osting 1879 – 1938 married 1898 to Mathias “Matt” Metzger. They had eight children. Among them were Frank, Albinus and Tony Metzger, Catheinre Suever and Veronica Kroeger Feltz..

7-5-2 John Ferdinand Osting 1883-1942 Married 1906 Emma Metzger 1885-1974 She was the daughter of Peter and Eva (Rastadter) Metzger. John and Emma were parents of Arthur, Sylvester, Anna Marie, Martha and Rita Will.

7-5-3 Catherine Osting 1888 -1938married John Fischer.

7-5-4 Mary Ann Osting Menke 1892 -1978 married 1914 to Frank Joseph Menke 1883 – 1948. He was the son of John Joseph and Barbara (Fischbach) Menke. They had nine children: Elizabeth Siebeneck, Raymond, Ralph, Joseph, Paul, Leonard, Robert, Alice Bendele, and Edward.

7-5-5 Clem Osting 1897 – 1968 married Alvera C. Martz 1909-1968. They had seven children: Alvin, Ruth Oen, Alice Ricker, Ralph, Donald, Carl and George.

7-6 Josephine Recker, died in her teens.

H-8 Herman Heinrich Peter Recker, b in 1816 in Heringhausen, Germany. At the adventurous age of 16, he came to America in about 1832. He landed in New Orleans, gradually worked his way north to Glandorf, where he married in 1840, to Anne Marie Kottenbrock. She came to America in 1833. She was born in 1822 in Ludden, near Wechta (Vechta), in the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg. They had 10 children:

8-1 Mary Angela 1841, died in infancy.

8-2 Henry Herman Recker 1842 – 1931 married in 1868 to Mary Ludovica (Anna Louise) Hermiller 1851 – 1914. They lived at Kalida and had nine children.

8-3John Herman Recker 1845 -1927 married in 1871 to Anna Mary Jennings 1852-1936. They were parents of seven children.

8-4 Anne Marie Recker 1847 – 1919 married 1870 to Herman William Schmitschulte. He was born in 1848 in Westphalia, Germany. They had four children.

8-5 Catherine (Kate) Recker 1850 -1936 married in 1867 to John Klevorn 1841 - 1902.. They were parents of nine children.

8-6 Anna Marie Elizabeth Recker 1853 – 1931 married in 1871 to Joseph Leopold 1845 – 1929. He was the son of Bernard and Elizabeth (Semer) Leopold.

(If my memory serves me correctly, Elizabeth Semer was the little girl, of 10, who walked from Fort Jennings to Cincinnati ALONE with her belongings and a few cents in a knap-sack on her shoulders, that’s where she met Mr. Leopold.

8-7 Herman John Recker 1855 -1931 married to Wilhelmina Morman 1857 -1902. They lived on a farm near Glandorf. Wilhelmina passed away in 1902, after her death Herman married in 1904 to Anna Catherine Hoffman Thome. Herman and Anna had two more children. It was said that Anna died of a broken heart after the accidental death of her son, Albert Thome. He had an accidental gun shot wound while shooting birds when he tripped and fell, walking around a corn planter. Albert was 16. This happened in Texas, where Herman and Anna had moved along with several other pioneering families. Anna is buried in Nazaareth, Texas. Herman married the third time to a woman by the surname of Leinen. She died in Texas after he had returned to Ohio. The marriage lasted two years. Herman died at age 76. Herman and Wilhelmina (Morman) were parents of nine children.

8-8 Mary E. C. Anna Recker b 1857, d 1892 or 94, was married to Henry Charles Schroeder 1852 – 1929. They were farmers and the parents of five children. After the death of Mary, he married Caroline Wortman 1870 – 1937. Henry and Caroline had three children. When Henry Charles died, Caroline married Bernard Aelker.

G-9 Frank (Pete) Recker, the ninth child or Herman Henry and Mary (Kottenbrock) Recker was born in 1862 in Putnam County, Ohio. In 1886 he married Mary Feltman b 1867. Land agents came to Putnam County to entice prospective land owners to purchase ground near Dimmit, Texas for $4-8 an acre. The Frank Recker family and his brother, Herman J. Recker along with the Drerup and Kleman families left for Texas in November 1907. Frank retained his Ohio farm but Herman J. sold his. The families traveled by train to Hereford, Texas, which was approximately 20 miles from Dimmitt, taking with them all their farm animals and furniture. It was said that the older sons of the families slept with the animals in the box cars to protect and take care of them. It took all of two days to arrive at their destination. The Frank Recker Family, especially Mary, the mother was not very happy in Texas and longed for her Ohio home. The Frank Recker family returned to their Ohio home in August of 1908 and it wasn’t until three yeas later that the Herman J. Recker family returned home. To Frank and Mary (Feltman) Recker six children were born, namely Bernard (Ben), Louis, Joseph, Emma, Edwin and Dorothy (Dora). Frank Recker died in 1944 and his wife, Mary passed away in 1928. They are buried in Glandorf.

“The Recker Connection in America” by Jeanette Laudick can be found in the local history rooms of the Delphos Public Library and the Putnam County Library in Ottawa.

Now that you have been introduced to the Recker families in Jeanette’s book, let’s take a look at the Recker families in Maryalice Davey’s family history “Reflecting on Our Heritage.” Maryalice finished compiling her Recker family history in 2011.

Her very interesting book contains many pictures, obits, maps and marriage announcements and other interesting news items about the families of Recker, Grothouse, Humpert, Gerdeman and Mesker. It takes the reader back to Bernard Herman Recker, who was born in Germany in 1819.

Maryalice’s manuscript is composed of nine parts. The first two chapters are about her ancestors in the old country, their journey to the new world and their arrival in Delphos. It also contains a bit of history about the town and their church. The next seven parts are broken down into the seven branches of the family tree; the seven children of Harman and Gertrude Recker.

According to the 1865 parish census of Delphos St. John’s Catholic Church, Herman Bernard Recker arrived in Delphos in 1846. His birthplace was listed as Plantlunne, Hannover, Germany. Herman was born in 1819 He died 3 November 1883.

In 1851 Herman married Maria Gertrude Hemker. Gertrude was born in Wellingholthausen, Germany on 1 June 1833 and was a little girl of 10 when she came to America with her mother, two brothers and two sisters.

After their marriage they lived on a farm west of Delphos in Van Wert County. Gertrude died 5 April 1919. Both husband and wife are buried in Section E of St. John’s Cemetery.

Children of Herman and Gertrude Recker are:

1 Catherine Maria 1852 -1931 who married in 1870 to August Grothaus 1847 – 1902.

2 Clara Maria 1856 – 1910, married in 1877 to Henry Humpert

3 John Henry Recker 1858 – 1922 Married Catherine Baumgarte

4 Anna Gertrude 1862 – 1943 married in 1866 to Ferdinand Gerdeman 1860 – 1921

5 Maria Elizabeth aka Elizabeth Marie 1864 – 1930 who married Frederick Mesker 1859 – 1935

6 Bernadine Maria “Dina” 1867-1945 married 1893 to William E. Gerdeman 1865 -1918.

7 Joseph Anthony 1869 – 1950 married Christine

Lindeman 1880 – 1905. Mrs. Gertrude Recker also raised one grandson, Herman Recker, son of Joseph Recker. From these seven branches the tree has grown to over 1000 and still growing.

Branch #1

Children of Catherine Recker and August Grothouse:

1 John Grothouse who died at the age of 10 months.

2 Anna Marie Grothouse 1872 – 1966

3 Frank Grothouse 1875 – 1954 married Clara Krebs 1882 – 1958

4 Rose Grothouse 1877 – 1851 married Milton Westrich 1868 – 1931.

5 Edith Grothouse 1881- 1967

6 Fred Grothouse 1884 – 1972 married Amelia Berelsman 1879 1973

7 Sylvester Grothouse 1889 – 1965 married Luella Kehres 1900- 1997.

FRANK Grothouse and Clara Krebs were married in 1907 and had one daughter, who died when she was 1 day old. Frank retired from the Delphos Fire Department, where he served as firechief.

ANNA MARIE remained single. She was a one-time partner in the former Grothouse & Weger Dry Goods Store.

ROSE Grothouse married in 1911 to Milton Westrich. They had four children: Melvin 1911-2002; Katherine 1913 – 1978; Maneta 1915 – 2008 and Ralph 1917 -1995. Millton served as a Delphos Firechief. Melvin was also on the Delphos Fire Department and was the Delphos Herald Tri-County Man of the Year in 2001

EDITH Grothouse 1881 – 1967 remained single.

FRED Grothouse married in 1905 to Amelia “Molly” Berelsman.. They had three children: Ralph 1905 – 1908. Mary Ann 1909 – 1983 married William Briggs 1907 – 1951. MaryAnn married second to Paul Kaskel. Mary Ann and William Briggs had one daughter, Sally Jean who married Roland Lee Fair and they had two boys, Terry Fair and James Fair.

Marcella “Sally” Grothouse 1912 – 2008 married Melvin Fortener 1906- 1968. The had two sons: James Fortener and Thomas Fortener.

SYL GROTHOUSE married in 1923 to Luella Kehres 1900-1997. They had four children: Mildred who married Louis Noonan, Doris who married Ralph Klausing, Donald, who married Frances Schweller and Alene 1930-2011 registered nurse.

Branch #2

Maria Clara “Mary” Recker married in 1877 to Henry Humpert. The Humperts had seven children.

1 Edward John 1880-1951 married in 1909 to Gertrude Mary Haas 1888 – 1941 They lived in Toledo and had five children, two died in infancy.

The three boys were Eugene, Joseph and Hilary.

2 Agnes Catherine 1883 -1936, remained single.

3 John Henry 1885 – 1945, remained single

4 Arthur Joseph 1888-1961, married in 1927 to Bertha Therese Sendelbach. They had three children: Sue married Charles Verhoff, Robert married Wilma Lucke and Therese married Dennis Ricker.

5 Albert John 1891 – 1912, single

6 Mark Ferdinand 1894 – 1967, single

7 Clarence George 1896 – 1957, single

The Humpert boys were remembered as being BIG

Notre Dame football fans, for years.

Branch #3

John Henry Recker married 1885 to Catherine Baumgarte. They lived in Indianapolis, IN and had four children: Mrs. John Grothause (John was the son of Civil War Veteran, John Grothaus)

2 Mrs. David Dieblick

3 Julia

4 Edna married Paul E. Just 1925

Mr. and Mrs. John Grothaus had three children: Raymond, Robert and Mary Catherine. The children lived in Alabama, Kansas & Michigan

Edna and Paul Just had a daughter, Julia (Judy).

Branch #4

Anna Recker married 1886 to Ferdinand J. Gerdeman. They had two children: THEODORE HERMAN 1888 – 1963 and ALEXANDER 1893 – 1950 Alex G. and Harold “Curly” Swick had Gerdeman and Swick Motor Sales in Delphos (the Studebaker Auto Sales).

Theodore married Margaret Korb. They had 10 children: Rose, Lenore, Alice, Marie, Eugene, Bernard, Dorothy Joan, Jane, Mary Ellen and Joan Mildred.

Branch #5

Elizabeth Recker 1864 – 1930 married 1885 to Frederick John Mesker 1859 – 1935 They had seven children: HENRY, single; ROSALIA , single; THERESE GERTRUDE married Ferd Miller. They had two children.

JOSEPH ANTHONY MARRIED Marcella Boerger and they had three children Wanda, Joe and Jim.

IDA MARY died at the age of two months.

SYLVESTER “Vetsy” 1897 – 1988 married in 1926 to Ida Dideon 1896 – 1900 . Sylvester and Ida had five children. They were: WALTER, born and died 1929.

ROBERT married Delores Miller and they had seven children: Diane, Connie, Fred, Ginny, Roberta, Carl and Ben. WILLIAM “Jake” remained single, MARYALICE married Charles “Chuck” Davey. They had three daughters: Linda Ann, Cinda Sue and Sandra Jo. The fifth child of Vetzy and Ida was MARY ELIZABETH “Betty”, who married Norbert Schroeder. They had 10 children.

FRANK HENRY Mesker son of Frederick Mesker and Elizazbeth Recker Mesker married in 1931 to Dorothy Ruen. They had 13 children:

Mary Alice Winhover, Richard Henry died at age 13, Bernice, Donald, Irene, Larry, Frank Henry, Jr., Beverly, Kenneth, Victoria, Linda, Josephine, Dale Andrew and Anthony Stephen

Branch #6

Bernadina Recker 1867 – 1945 married in 1893 to William Gerdeman 1865 – 1918. They had five children: ALFRED married Clara Reindel, AMELIA REGINA EMMA remained single

FLORENCE Gerdeman married Arnold Reindel; HELEN MARIE married Arthur Haunhorst and LORETTA ANNA who married Richard Wagner

Branch #7

Joseph Anthony Recker 1869 – 1950 married in 1900 to Christina Lindeman 1881 – 1905. Christina died at the age of 24. They had one child: HERMAN Edward Recker 1902 -1948. Herman married in 1931 to Martha Utrup 1904 – 1964. Their children were: Ervin, Eugene, Luella, Elmer and Mary Lou..

If you wish to know more about the Recker families who settled west of Delphos, you can get in touch with Maryalice Davey. More books might be available.

For information on any of these RECKER families, consult the old Putnam Van Wert and Allen County history books.


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