August 21, 2014

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City to receive new flood plain maps from FEMA PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, February 19, 2013 2:14 PM

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DELPHOS — The city is revising its Flood Damage Reduction and Flood Plain Management regulations. Council heard on first reading an ordinance repealing certain sections of the former legislation adopted in 1995 and reinforcing other sections.

“This is draft-recommended language from FEMA and if we want to be a flood plain management municipality as we have in the past, we need to adopt this,” Safety Service Director Greg Berquist said.

New Flood Insurance Rate Maps will go into effect on May 2. Some parcels now included in a the city’s flood plain may no longer be in the new flood plain and some who are not currently in a flood plain may be on the new map.

“I have talked to the local banks and they are all on board with this and will make sure their clients are taken care of and those who are in the new flood plain get insurance,” Berquist added.

Berquist also told council the city is required to pass the legislation to become eligible for certain government funds, including reimbursement for storm cleanup, etc.
A public hearing for those who have questions regarding the new Flood Insurance Rate Map or the Flood Damage Reduction and Flood Plain Management regulations will be held at 6 p.m. March 5 in council chambers at the municipal building.

Councilman Mark Clement asked Berquist to look into getting the Toledo Molding and Die plant southwest of Delphos on State Route 697 annexed into the city.

“We have an agreement with TMD that if a contiguous property does become annexed they will also annex,” Berquist said. “Right now, we don’t have a contiguous property.”

Clement said he encouraged Berquist to follow up on the matter and look into what it would take to make the annexation happen.


Councilman Jim Fortener asked how the Cass Street water line project was progressing. Berquist said the engineers are doing the contract book for the project. He added that he had tried to bundle the project cost with the Gressel Drive water loop project under a no-interest loan but was unable to do it.

Williams Avenue resident Michael Edelbrock addressed a sanitary/storm sewer concern on his property with council. His sanitary sewer backed up into his home and when a plumber he hired to assess the situation put a camera through the line, it was found the wrong pipe with the wrong gauge was used and the sanitary sewer line was run through the storm sewer line and then repaired.

Clerk Marsha Mueller read a letter from Edelbrock before he spoke, giving council until March 15 to respond to and/or address his concerns.

Edelbrock also spoke to council stating he felt the city was responsible for fixing the problem with his sanitary sewer because the city signed off the on the property when it was annexed into the city.

“I believe since the city charges me to tap into the line and they make an income off those lines, they also have liability,” Edelbrock said. “I think when the city takes on a subdivision they take on the work.”

This is the second time Edelbrock has spoken to council about the issue.

Berquist said he has had workers at the property and they have run a camera through the sewer lines but have been hampered by melting snow and rain.

There are more than 600 light poles in the city and Berquist hopes to reduce the number as well as the city’s electric bill.

“I have received maps from American Electric Power of where all our poles are and I will be checking to find unnecessary poles to eliminate and save us some money. I’m also going to look at getting some assistance from AEP to perhaps install more cost effective lighting like LEDs.”

Five Boy Scouts attended the meeting to earn citizenship and government badges. Council President Kim Riddell also gave them an interview.

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