August 30, 2014

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Preparation for Fort Fest underway PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 2:10 PM

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FORT JENNINGS — The Fort Jennings Branch Library was abuzz with village council’s discussion of plans to begin scheduling construction and maintenance at the park in conjunction with preparing for this summer’s Fort Fest taking place Aug. 16 - 18.

Park Board member Derek Kaverman reported that he was approached by the Boy Scouts about the shelterhouse renovations and other improvements. Mayor Jim Smith spoke with both Kaverman and village maintenance supervisor Ted Wrasman about other improvements at the park, including tree removal and tree pruning. The trees will have to be identified and marked with green spray paint before work begins.

“There are loose branches from storm damage,” Wrasman explained. “We should do it before the ground gets soft.”

“We exhausted the insurance and FEMA money,” Smith stated. “Anything we do, we have to pay for it.”

Additionally, Smith described some pear trees close to his office that would need to be cut down.

Smith also asked Kaverman about the Purple Heart Celebration and if he or the committee had any good ideas.

“I think a Purple Heart Mass or dinner would be ideal on the 17th, coinciding with the Fort Fest celebration that weekend,” Smith said.

At December’s council meeting, members approved the construction of new restrooms which will be attached to the existing concession stand at the park. The facility will include two seats in the women’s portion and a seat and urinal in the men’s. The concrete block building will be low-maintenance. The plan continues with reviewing bids from different companies. Smith reported that one of the companies placing a bid is Poggemeyer Design Group, who has done a lot of work for the village in the past.

“If their price is similar to other estimates, I’d rather use them since we have history with them,” he said.

The project is estimated to begin in April.

Councilman Jeff Swick discussed the financial outcomes of the Fort Fest celebration held last year with council.

“What was successful and what was not,” Swick questioned. “What were the dollars made verses dollars lost?”

Smith responded with some definitive answers to the breakdown of the funds spent and revenue recouped.

“Not everything was broken down and there was some co-mingling of funds making individual costing difficult,” Smith detailed. “We do have the costs accounted for the beer tent, games and rides. We may have made $1,500 and that would have not been possible without the sponsorships before and during the celebration.

In the police report, Chief Ethyl Vaughn reported that all officers passed the human trafficking classes. In addition, Vaughn discussed planning the annual Easter Egg Hunt which will take place March 30 at Fort Jennings High School.

“With Mr. Langhals’ permission. We will hold the hunt in the school’s gymnasium,” Vaughn said.

In other news, Wrasman reported on the cost of replacing the back bumper on the village’s pick up truck. His research showed that painted bumpers usually rust much more quickly and since the existing front bumper is chrome, it makes sense to replace the back bumper with chrome.

“The chrome part will be less expensive and last longer,” Wrasman reported. “It will cost $410 plus labor to install.”

An additional purchase approved by council was a telescopic gas powered pole pruner, which Wrasman will utilize at the park as well as in town. Wrasman handed out STIHL catalogs and explained the specifications of the equipment.

“It telescopes to 17 feet, has the biggest motor and the most power,” Wrasman detailed. “It has an aluminum shaft and is available at Cliff’s in Delphos or Ottawa Feed & Grain.

There has been no headway made with the FEMA reimbursement for damages from the June 30 storm.


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