August 30, 2014

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Monday, February 25, 2013 10:28 AM

An up-date on Scott’s recovery: on Dec. 5 in Toledo, he had the huge piece of bone placed back in his skull that had been removed on Aug. 16 in order to relieve the massive bleeding going on in his head and to let the brain swell. On Dec. 18, the 41 staples were removed.

A week ago, he was back in Toledo for his follow-up with the surgeon, who proclaimed him a “walking miracle.” Dr. Spetka said, “Not in a million years, Scott, did I ever think we’d even be having this conversation, let alone see you make the recovery you’ve made. I honestly didn’t think you’d live through the night. You are a walking miracle, man! I’m going to release you from my care.”

I told Dr. Spetka, “it was the power of prayers, the power of a loving, healing God, and the power of God working through his skilled hands that saved Scott’s life that night.”

We all hugged a final good-bye and wiped away some very emotional tears of relief and thankfulness.

This past Monday, for the very first time since the accident, I had Scott behind the wheel of my van driving up and down the long lane behind our house for practice. He did well, and I’m confident he’ll be able to pass a driving test.

His left arm, which he had lost complete use of from a ruptured disc, continues to improve in strength and range of movement. Dr. Spetka did that surgery on Nov. 16 and said it would take 4-6 months to get use back. He started moving his fingers within two months of the surgery.

We are truly blessed and I’m betting Scott will return to work a lot sooner than anyone ever thought. Thanks for all the prayers for his complete recovery. We still have a little way to go yet but we are so confident and so amazed at what he’s accomplished in six months.

A lot has been happening at the Thrift Shop, too. The change-over to Spring and Summer items took place this past weekend and shoppers were delighted to be able to purchase shorts, capris, tank tops and bathing suits despite how cold it was outside and the pending snow and ice storm that was predicted. A smile was on everyone’s face!

Time and again, we heard people exclaim what beautiful prom dresses there were, and “why would anyone spend $400 or more on a dress when they can get one here that’s been worn once for a ridiculously low price?” The selection is huge, there’s sparkles galore, and if you need the poofy underskirts, they’re here, too! Everything you’ll need for that special night can be found right here — even the shoes, jewelry, and handbag. The dresses are up-to-date and chic. Check them out! There’s beautiful wedding dresses and glittery mother’s dresses, too.

The Thrift Shop manager wants everyone to know that the shop will not be open for business on March 28, or on Good Friday on March 29 but will have regular sale hours on March 30 to get those last minute Easter items. Having an Easter party? There’s plenty of decorations to choose from.

How about challenging your guests to each bring a non-perishable food item or two to see how much you can collect and then donate it to the Thrift Shop’s Food Pantry? One person, who was turning 40, took this idea and expressed her wish that instead of guests bringing a gift that she really didn’t need, to bring a canned good instead, hoping to get 40 pounds of items to donate. She got a little over 100 pounds. How awesome is that? Are you up to the challenge? This just shows how one person can make a difference.

Thursday evening we had a customer in the store who said she received a very nice compliment from a lady over in Lima at her doctors appointment about the outfit she was wearing that day. She told the nurse that she had gotten everything at the Delphos Thrift Shop, shoes and all, and the entire outfit cost her less than $6. We love hearing great stories like that.

One of the directors reported that she received word of three new volunteer names this month. We are so very glad to have their help! Did you know that it requires almost 50 volunteers for the month to run the check out lanes during the business hours on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays? That’s a lot of calling and scheduling.

If you’d like to volunteer your time, please let Linda Bockey (419-692-7145), Alice Heidenescher (419-692-5362), Lorene Jettinghoff (419-692-7331) or Catharine Gerdemann (419-695-8440) know or call the Shop at 419-692-2942 and leave a message. Your help and time will be greatly appreciated.

If your group or organization would like to tour the Thrift Shop for one of your meetings or have the social services director speak at your meeting about the Thrift Shop and it’s services, programs and mission, please call 419-692-2942 to arrange a time.


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