August 21, 2014

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Delphos man leads 2nd Amendment Rally PDF Print E-mail
Monday, February 25, 2013 3:24 PM

Veteran Jim Redmon holds a rifle while explaining to the crowd the importance of protecting the 2nd Amendment at a rally held Saturday at the Veterans Memorial Park. The rifle is one some would like banned.  (Delphos Herald/Nancy Spencer)


DELPHOS — More than 20 concerned citizens gathered at the Delphos Veterans Memorial Park Saturday afternoon to stress the importance of the 2nd Amendment.

Event organizer Jim Redmon, Desmond Redmon and Don Hammond educated the crowd on the Bill of Rights, its origins and how important they feel it is to protect those rights.

“These rights were given to the people by our Founding Fathers,” Jim Redmon said. “They weren’t given to Congress to give or not give to us.”

Redmon went on to express his concern about how far the government will go.

“Historically, whenever a country has fallen under totalitarian rule, the first thing the government did was take weapons away from the civilians,” he said. “Our Founding Fathers intended the general public to have weapons to defend their property as well as the country from threats both foreign and domestic. The need for that hasn’t changed.”

Desmond Redmon spoke on the importance of holding the Bill of Rights near and dear.

“We can’t let the government start taking our rights,” he said. “If they manage to take away our right to bear arms, where will it end? Will they then take away our freedom of speech? How about our right to assemble? If they did, we wouldn’t be standing here right now.”

Gun control is a hot topic right now after the Newtown, Conn., elementary school shooting left 28 dead, including the shooter and his mother, who he killed at her home.

The incident is the second deadliest shooting in United States history, after the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre. It is the second-deadliest mass murder at an American elementary school, after the 1927 Bath School bombings in Michigan.


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