August 20, 2014

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Ottoville raises sewer rate, gives $25K for fire station improvements PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 1:55 PM

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OTTOVILLE — A sewer rate increase, ongoing construction, improvement projects and upcoming park carnival events highlighted the Ottoville Village Council meeting Monday.

Council approved on emergency measure an ordinance raising sewer rates 25 cents per 1,000 gallons. Villagers will see the increase on their bills in April. The measure will increase the village’s revenue by $8,000 per year.

In old business, members of the park board spoke to council about the house at 287 Church Street, which is to be saved and used for storage purposes. Mayor Ron Miller explained the first known modification to make the space usable is to remove the asbestos shingles. Samples of the siding are currently being tested for the carcinogen.

Another problem with the structure is a portion of the foundation is missing. To utilize it for storage or for any reason, that portion of the foundation would have to be replaced or the basement would have to be filled in.

“The building cost us $4,800,” Miller explained. “It would cost us $2,700 to tear it (the siding) down.”

Park board representatives want to leave the first story intact and make modifications to the living space to accommodate storage and possibly an area for meetings. They would also keep the garage and pay for the re-siding of the house.

The board also addressed the “Lawn Mower Race” event they would like to hold during the Park Carnival this summer. In the past, the Lawn Mower Race Association has sponsored the event and earned all the proceeds. Also, there were some control issues; attendees brought their own beverages in coolers to the events. This year, the members would like to earn the proceeds from entry fees into the event as well as optimize the revenues from sales at the beer tent. Board members have spoken with the Fort Jennings club, who have volunteered their time to help set up the races at Ottoville.

Councilman Randy Altenburger asked the park board members about insuring the event and the safety procedures.

“We need the certificate (copy of insurance coverage) that indicates the village is not liable,” Altenburger explained. “There needs to be proper barriers and fencing in case of some incident or accident.”

“Check with Fort Jennings and see how they run their program,” Miller requested.

The Auglaize Street reconstruction project meeting with council, headed by Brian Goubeaux of Choice One Engineering out of Sidney, included specifications to rectify drainage problems in the immediate area of construction. Redirecting the run-off with outlets and getting the water back to the river or creating a catch basin to absorb the overages are options. The road itself will remain 26 feet wide and there will be no on street parking. Bidding on the project will begin this June and it is anticipated that work will begin in July and be completed in the fall.

“Existing driveway aprons will be removed to the second joint,” Goubeaux detailed. “Reconstruction will be a uniform 8 foot long apron with 4 foot flares.”

“Reconstructed curbs with smaller radiuses will have to be approved by the owners of the property,” Miller explained.

With the upcoming new construction in mind, Fiscal Officer Jeanne Wannemacher reported some of the existing manholes have sunk in and become uneven in the paved sections of the street.

“When the road maintenance crew performs snow removal they hit the uneven manholes,” she reported.

The board of Public Affairs has been researching the cost to repair the firehouse. The renovations include removal of old metal fascia walls and outdated electrical system, installation and painting of new metal fascia and the installation of new electrical fixtures, conduit and extra exterior outlets. At December’s meeting, council agreed to contribute $25,000 toward the project. Of the two bids obtained by the Public Affairs board, the most comprehensive bid from Alexander Bebout, Inc., encompasses all the expected work and the estimate is close to $35,000. The fire department would like to donate $20,000 to the project but at this time, much of their funds are tied up in costs associated with the Fireman’s Convention this summer.

Councilmen Tony Langhals and Altenburger both agreed that the council will give them the $25,000 to get the new walls and electrical system implemented.

“Let’s see where we’re at after the wiring and metal is done,” Miller suggested. “We’ll look at the painting later.”


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