September 2, 2014

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Basketball season coming to a close PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, March 14, 2013 12:30 PM

It is so hard to believe we are in the final throes of the high school basketball season for 2012-13.

Every time we pass the New Year, I always kiddingly tell my colleagues up here in the newsroom that we only have 11-plus months until Christmas and they get a “kick” out of that — they’d like to kick me!

Then we look up and it’s 9-plus months!

My, does time fly!

Congrats on Ottoville getting to the Division IV Final Four in girls basketball and on Dave Kleman winning his 400th game as the coach of the program.

Win or lose, these young ladies and this coaching staff have done very well for themselves.

The one thing I will guarantee about their game: the Lady Green will have far more fans there than nearly everyone else.

Putnam County in particular and this area in general support the locals; fierce competitors become fast friends due to AAU, club ball, camps, work, etc.

The comings and goings in the NFL now that free agency has begun has had some surprises.

I really didn’t think Wes Welker would leave Tom Brady and the Patriots, for example, to be replaced by Danny Amendola.

Good luck with that. Let’s put it this way: I don’t think Mr. Tom Brady is pleased.

He loses a guy who has caught 240 passes the last two years for a guy that has missed over half the games the last two years and been injury-plagued in his first five years — for basically the same amount of money.

Yes, he is 5 years younger and a bit faster but not nearly as proven and reliable.

At 35, do you think Brady is thinking long-term?

Now, Welker will ONLY have Peyton Manning throwing to him.

I didn’t think that Anquan Boldin would be traded by the Super Bowl champion Ravens to San Francisco and have either released or may lose some other guys, like Ed Reed.

Joe Flacco got his; we’ll see what he has to work with now when the smoke clears. That is one reason why SB champions don’t repeat.

That great contract he signed a couple of weeks ago may end up being an albatross.

I never really had any love for the Houston Astrodome, the supposed “Eighth Wonder of the World” when it opened in 1965 — I always thought that was Andre (Rene Roussimoff) The Giant of World Wrestling Federation fame (don’t ask me about all the other “names” he wrestled under)!

I personally believed then and still believe now that football and baseball are meant to be played in the sunshine on the grass in the wind and rain and snow and … well, you get the picture … and not on a concrete “carpet.”

Well, maybe not as steadfastly as I once did but the general belief is still there.

Still, the item I am referring to — what are they going to end up doing with the vacant (outside of the rat families that call the structure home!) “wonder” — caused me to recollect the “good old days” of my youth.

Basically, it now is simply either a nuisance or a rat-trap — according to the story, just to keep it standing vacant costs a couple of million dollars a year; it would cost $64 million to tear it down and make it a plaza — unless they can come up with $300 million-plus to pay it off and renovate it.

It is next to Reliant Stadium — the newer and larger site that is home to the Houston Texans; that is, until this site becomes obsolete in the next two years or so!
Such is life!


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