August 31, 2014

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Monday, March 18, 2013 9:28 AM


Herald Publisher

“Off the Table.”

That’s what those who oppose increasing taxes for millionaires and billionaires have been saying and continue to say as the nation tries to stop the deficit bleeding.

There is no doubt that billions could be cut from expenses but fixing the deficit problem also calls for getting the taxes of the upper 2 percent of earners back where they were during the Clinton era. I never heard one word of hardship from the upper 2 percent during Clinton’s term in office regarding the taxes they were paying. Instead, then as now, most of the increase in wealth was happening with the upper 2 percent — certainly not the poor and the middle class.

President Obama has faced stone-walling Congressmen for the past five years who have refused to permit millionaires and billionaires to have their taxes make a substantial contribution to the solving of the deficit problem.

I challenge one of these Congressmen to put forth their views to a group of veterans of the Iraq War. I challenge just one of them to make one of these obscene “Off the Table” speeches to a group of veterans who have served in Afghanistan. None of them would ever have the stupidity to do such a thing.

Keep in mind that while the nation was in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression — also fighting two wars and world-wide terrorism — the opposers of even modest tax increases for millionaires and billionaires were holding their ground. No increases for the wealthy. No increases for the very wealthy. No increases for the ultra-wealthy.

In this, I stand with Billionaire Warren Buffet and many like him who have common sense to realize just how obscene is “Off the Table.”

As for those Congressmen who feel that none of the very rich should contribute — at least modestly — more to balancing the budget, perhaps it is time for all of them to find another way to make a living.


While I am writing this; don’t you think it’s time that China, with its billion-plus people, buys as much from the United States as we buy from them? And, don’t you think your local Congressmen can become more influential in seeing to it that this is what happens in the future?


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