September 2, 2014

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Monday, March 25, 2013 9:31 AM

You know last year at this time we were slathering on the sunscreen and running around in shorts and tank tops enjoying the 85 degree weather. Everyone was busy putting seeds in the garden and checking to make sure the lawn mowers were ready to go to work. We were counting how many robins could be spotted frolicking in the yard, and we were watching all the new signs that spring brings—trees budding and grass greening up; new life, new beginnings. By human nature, we are an impatient being, but I’ll bet it’s unanimous that everyone is good and ready to smell newly-mown grass again.

If you’ve got someone who still needs a prom dress, be sure to stop in. Dresses are half price and there are still some very beautiful, glitzy gowns. You’ll probably find your post-prom outfit here as well. There’s a nice dressing room to try on your selection, too.

With the promise of Spring coming (eventually), remember to get your camping gear here. There’s everything from silverware to rugs to toys for the kids as well as swim suits and straw hats. Also remember that when you’re doing your annual Spring cleaning, to donate your nice, gently used items to the Thrift Shop instead of putting them at the curb. It seems like all of the departments are in need of items—they go out just about as fast as they come in, which is a great “problem” to have. The shop is always busy sorting and selling, which helps us help those in need. If the drop off window is full, you can knock at the back door, and we’ll gladly take your donation there, or you can call 419-692-2942 to make arrangements for your drop-off. The drop off window is located at the rear of the building on the First Street side.

Last minute Easter items—get them now. There’s still a lot of nice gift items you can pick up here. I saw some very cute little bunnies and some great story books and toys for the kids.

As always, we could use your large and small shopping bags. I had one nice lady tell me she was so glad to see this little suggestion in the paper because she didn’t know what to do with all her bags. She promptly dropped them off in the drop-off window. We could even use your newspaper wrappers. We use them to tie onto sold items that are too big to sack. See, there’s a use for re-use of almost everything under the sun. Don’t pitch it — drop it off.

As we go into this holy, blessed time of the year, the Thrift Shop would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and to extend our thanks for your continued patronage. We would also like to remind everyone that we will be closed on Thursday and Good Friday, but will have regular business hours on Saturday before Easter.

Since spring is a time of new beginnings, maybe volunteering at the Thrift Shop could be your new beginning—we’d love to have your help. Call us at 419-692-2942.

Until the next time, that’s this month’s report.


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