August 30, 2014

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Delphos TCWC finishes 2012-13 season on successful note PDF Print E-mail
Monday, March 25, 2013 9:33 AM


DAYTON — The Delphos Tri-County Wrestling Club ended its 2012-13 season recently at the Miami Valley Kids Wrestling Association Championships at the Nutter Center in Dayton.

With over 2,000 wrestlers ages 4-13 competing on 24 mats at the same time, it can be overwhelming, to say the least. But the fine young men representing the TCWC, all 36 of them, did a great job and represented the area well.


Bringing home first-place awards were: Brady Welker (2 pins), Gabe Steyer (1 pin), Brady Zalar (2 pins), Dominic Estrada (1 pin), Avery Schulte (2 pins), Landen Grothaus (3 pins), Cody Bailey (2 pins) and Troy Pseekos (1 pin).


Second place: Aiden Lanteigne, Cole Binkley, Colin Bailey (2 pins), Jacob McConnahea (1 pin) and Isaiah Bretz (2 pins).

Third place: Nathan Ditto, Clayton Paddubny (2 pins), Logan Dickman (2 pins), Mason Vonderwell (2 pins), Chase Bailey (1 pin), Kane Plescher (1 pin), Trent Vonderwell (1 pin) and Justin Wieging ( 3 pins).

Fourth place: Blaine Maloney (1 pin), Royce Kill, Tyler Herron (1 pin), Caden Wright, Eli Zehender (2 pins), Jay Goetz and August Wurst (1 pin).

Fifth: Austin Giesige (1 pin), Cody Bockey, Jason Seekings, John Pseekos, Conner Anspach and Kole McKee (1 pin).

The club celebrated its successful season with a well-deserved awards banquet at the Delphos Eagles. They received a variety of trophies and awards earned throughout the year. Sportsmanship: Garrett Trentman, Logan Dickman, Ben McKee and Dominic Estrada.

Leadership: Nathan Ditto, Mason Vonderwell and Conner Anspach.

Most Improved: Troy Pseekos, Caden Wright, Jacob McConnahea and Kole McKee.

Rookie of the Year: Royce Kill, Landen Grothaus, Brady Zalar and Jay Goetz.

Iron Man (5-year award): Cody Bockey, Isaiah Bretz and Dominic Estrada.

Graduates: August Wurst, Justin Weiging, Trent Vonderwell, Ean Boecker, Kole McKee, Dominic Estrada, Isaiah Bretz, Conner Anspach and Brady Welker.

Perfect Attendance: Royce Kill, Aiden Lanteigne, Clayton Paddubny, Caden Wright, Mason Vonderwell, Avery Schulte, Brady Zalar, Chase Bailey, Jay Goetz, Dominic Estrada, Ean Boecker, Trent Vonderwell, Justin Wieging, Tyler Herron and Landen Grothaus.

The Todd Sparks Award (for an all-around exemplary wrestler who shows sportsmanship, leadership and respect for not only his teammates but for coaches and officials as well): Brady Welker.

The club coaches and board would like to congratulate all the wrestlers on a great season and is looking forward to seeing everyone back next year.

The club would also like to thank its many, many volunteers and all local businesses that helped throughout the season. Without their help, the club wouldn’t be as successful as it is.

Pictured are wrestlers with perfect attendance.


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