August 30, 2014

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Monday, April 01, 2013 8:37 AM


There has been some time passed since a last review of the pricing of our precious liquid gold. Better know as “Gasoline”. In my past letter, I noted the prices and how they were not consistent in the downward movement (prices dropping) when comparing the pricing of surrounding stations. My previous observations showed our stations to have a difference of 12-15 cents per gallon higher during the downward trending time period.

After the previous letter to the editor, the weekly variation in pricing seemed to follow suit with other stations in the area, within a few pennies. But, I am sad to say, that over time the competitiveness in pricing has gradually eroded and the variance in prices has set a new high.

Today we are facing the same situation as before. Similar/simultaneous pricing as the prices increase and slower reductions as the prices drop in the area. This time, the pricing spread is even more outrageous.

On today’s pricing, I recorded a whopping 21 cents per gallon higher price here within our city, compared to other stations in the area. It looks to me as though we have returned to the same glutinous, monopolizing organizations of earlier last summer/fall, taking advantage of a captive audience unable, for what ever reason, to shop elsewhere for their needs.

Is the 21 cents extra per gallon in your pockets worth it?

John Grothouse



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