September 2, 2014

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Spring has sprung. Me too? PDF Print
Saturday, April 06, 2013 12:47 AM

I am super excited about the sunshine and warmer temperatures we had this week. I am so ready for more. Sadly enough the weatherman is not so obliging. Par for the course, really, we all know when the temperatures rise in the spring, rain is on the way.


I’ve still seen a few snow piles here and there. They look really out of place. So does my winter coat. I think I’m just gonna hang it on a back hook so I can’t see it so well.


I can’t wait for the day you can throw open the windows and let winter air out of the house.


I saw a cute post on Facebook from Jeff Foxworthy on how you might me from Ohio if you’ve had the heat on, air conditioning on and back to heat in the same day. Another one was “you might be from Ohio if 10 degrees is a little chilly.” Make fun of our weather all you want; it will change in a few minutes anyway.


So I saw a few things I could take care of outside over the weekend. Not really big things but they would make a big difference and perhaps get me going. Truth be told, I get a little overwhelmed in the spring when so much needs done. I’m just going to put in a little time each day or so that is nice enough to be outside and I bet I can accomplish more than I think I can.


I do have to say I love the end result. I despise pulling weeds but I love the look of clean, freshly mulched landscaping. Can’t have one without the other.


My knees already ache at the thought of all the work that has to be done on them. I’m not old and I don’t feel old but I’m no spring chicken and I don’t feel like one of those, either.


My husband and I have joked that if we could afford it, we would concrete our whole property. The all we’d have to do is hose off the “yard” and we’d be done. I think we would miss all the color and textures, just not the work.


Perhaps we’ll just put in some awesome AstroTurf like the Brady back yard. My husband and I have been watching the reruns off and on and we notice a lot more of the silliness now than we did when younger. Did you notice there is no glass in the sliding doors to the patio or the back yard? Just checking. That should have been a question on trivia night. I’d have gotten that one.


Anywho, I’m just ready for a little better weather, some sunshine and a fresh breeze that doesn’t chill me to the bone.


I have a plan for the plants this year, too. We’re not going to buy them quite as early. We’re going to hang in there and get them a little later and forgo all this carrying in and carrying out when the temperature dips down. Flowers just don’t look as pretty once you’ve carried them in and out of the house or garage a half-dozen times.


Ah, spring. So much to do, so little time and here it is.


I’m hoping to put on my “big girl” pants this year and get a head start and not wait for the other half to start in. Of course I say that every year and it just doesn’t happen and I have no reason to believe this year will be any different.


I wonder if there will be enough sunshine today to work a few puzzles on the picnic table? Weatherman says not really but what does he know?


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