August 23, 2014

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Van Wert County 911 goes all-digital PDF Print E-mail
Monday, April 15, 2013 1:42 PM


VAN WERT - April once again represents 911 Education Month and Van Wert County 911 marked this month by taking a step forward in the world of 911 technology.

Residents can now contact 911 from almost every device out there, including the traditional landline as well as a cell phone. Although the callback information that accompanies these calls may vary among these different technologies. 911 and telecommunications professionals are working hard to make sure that it works the same on all devices in the future, and the Van Wert County 911 Center is now one step closer to this goal.


The former equipment and systems in the center in the Van Wert County Sheriff’s Department was approaching its end-of-life point in 2013. It was this major variable that finally pushed the county to strive forward in the technological world.


“This forced us to move ahead,” said Van Wert County 911 Coordinator Kim Brandt. “We want to keep the equipment current and have something all-around capable when that time comes.

“The new system is completely digital and is compatible for technology that is yet to be put in place across the country, leaving Van Wert and Ohio one step ahead in the 911 world.”

Van Wert County 911 centers are now ready to receive 911 calls through text message and video, a huge step from calls made from the traditional landline. This new technology will allow people to reach help when they may otherwise be unable in the case of an emergency.

“Five years down the road, we are hoping all technology is in place to have this system working to its full potential,” noted Brandt. “Our dispatchers are not yet trained with the system and phones aren’t yet IP network ready, but the state of Ohio is a bit ahead of the rest of the country and is looking ahead to the next generation of changes. The state is working towards a mixed generation of technology and legislation is already underway.”

This system has also eliminated the old and very large telephone book that was used to reference numbers all across the area. Now, all of these numbers are contained within the computer for easier access when time is of the essence. Everything a dispatcher needs is now right within the system, eliminating outside resources and leaving everything just a click away.

“We are very please with the transformations,” remarked Brandt. “Our dispatchers are already catching on quickly. People are really excited to have this new system in place, and we are looking forward to the IP network coming into place to make our system fully functional.”


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