August 28, 2014

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Fort Jennings receives State FEMA checks PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, April 17, 2013 1:18 PM

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FORT JENNINGS — Village council addressed an array of business Tuesday, including park improvements and cleanup, Fort Fest preparations, general street maintenance and the Second Street reconstruction project.

Mayor Jim Smith announced the village received two checks from the state for the damages caused by the storm that swept through the area on June 29, 2012. One check from FEMA totaled close to $3,800 and the other was $1,000.

The Police Committee and Officers Report included an account of recent car break-ins. Chief Ethel Vaughn detailed that money was being taken out of vehicles.

“I just found out about a burglary this past weekend,” Chief Ethel Vaughn reported. “I can’t say much but it is under investigation.”

Park Board President Jerry Siefker reported on the progress being made on the restroom facilities at the park.
“So far, the boring is done,” Siefker said. “It’s too soft to continue.”

In March, council approved Our Tree Service to remove five trees in the village for $1,470 and no more than $3,000 to remove four Ash trees in Fort Jennings Park. Village Maintenance Supervisor Ted Wrasman reported that tree removal could begin today and the crew will be looking for dry work, not in the mud. With the park grounds still heavily saturated with water, Smith thought the crew should start with the trees they can reach from the asphalt.

Smith addressed the wood that will remain in the park after the trees are felled. Council agreed the best plan was to leave it in piles for a week to 10 days and let residents pick up what they wanted of it before loading and moving it out of the park.

Siefker added the annual spring park cleanup has been postponed due to the weather. He would like to do the mulching and all other work at one time.

”The grass is too wet to be walked on. I told the Cub Scouts its postponed until further notice,” Siefker said.

Council approved to buy mulch, seven yards for $210, with the booster account. Siefker thought the best way to spread the mulch would be to use a trailer and travel from spot to spot to get it done faster.

Removal and replacement of shingles on the parks two shelter houses is a project Chad Wurst, along with the local Boy Scout Troop, will undertake this spring. Wurst will supply the labor and he is looking for material donations.

“Were asking council to approve [paying for] materials,” Siefker stated.

Smith asked about a dumpster for the project and thought that Real Waste may pick that cost up for the community. Smith said that the shingles could be charged at Vetters. He also wanted to be sure the shingles would be similar in color to the ones on the concession stand.

Smith announced that Jason Dickman will head up the grounds department at the park. In an effort to better communicate, Smith would like to share emails containing work that has been completed at the park from Dickman with Wrasman, who will focus on usual things.

“I’ll meet with Ted on Monday mornings and pass it along to him,” Smith said.

Council discussed side street and highway closure for Fort Fest in August. Smith wants to make all residents aware in advance so they may make arrangements to move their vehicles, if need be. State Route 190 and 189 closures have to be approved by the State. Council also discussed attractions and events tentatively planned for Fort Fest including re-enactments with Native Americans and a Martial Arts Exhibition. In conjunction with the festival, Marge Von Sossan would like to integrate the Purple Heart/Military theme with a Veterans Mass.

Smith also addressed upcoming road maintenance work by showing council members a color coded plan of the village’s streets that identified the streets that have not been sealed in 5-7 years and some of them — Elm, Oak, John Kennedy Dr. and High — are in really bad shape. Council member Walt Pitney said that Second Street is really bad. Smith stated that Second and Main streets need crack sealed.

“I just wanted to show you [council members] what I’ve been working on,” Smith stated. “I wanted council to be aware.”

Jake braking and changing the village’s signage was the next topic of discussion. Smith reported that truck drivers feel the law does not apply to them since they do not have Jake Brakes, a brand name brake, on their trucks. Smith is requesting to change the signs from “No Jake Braking” to “No Engine Brake.”

Council also discussed the Second Street reconstruction project, which is in the final contract approval stage. Smith feels the $6,860 for the Poggemeyer Design Group contract for engineering costs is too much and wants Village Solicitor Bill Wildenhause to comb through it and strike out everything he does not like.


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