August 28, 2014

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You don’t mess with Boston PDF Print
Saturday, April 20, 2013 12:08 AM

I’m sure were all watching breathlessly as the massive manhunt ended in Massachusettes last night.

I guess the moral of this story is to not mess with Boston. Something happens there and they just shut the city down and don’t quit until they find you.

I found all the camera footage from the streets near the bombing a little disturbing. I guess “they” are “watching” us. The cameras were very helpful in getting the clues needed to find out who these guys were and they were located pretty quickly. If you think about it, they found two guys in a city of nearly a million in just a couple days. Still, it is a bit disturbing.

I also found it troubling that the teen still at large and was Tweeting about hamburger or some such nonsense on Wednesday. I guess we just don’t get his mentality.

The fact that someone so young can treat life with such casual disregard and cause such harm and then talk about a hamburger on Twitter. Very troubling.

The people in the neighborhood where they had the suspect cornered didn’t seem to mind being kept in their homes too much. If it were me, I could stay inside a while and do my part to help locate this guy. Let’s  hope when he’s caught  they find out why this happened and if there are more of his group out there (or here).
I still cringe when I see the footage of the bombs going off and the injured and dead. In a few seconds, all heck broke loose and so many were injured or killed. Thank goodness not all the bombs went off.

I’m sure the intent of the brothers was to cause much more damage and harm. It actually seems like they failed in a way. Yes, some lost their lives and many were injured but it could have been on a much larger scale.

The alphabet soup guys, the National Guard and more than a hundred police officers captured the second suspect around 9 p.m. on Friday. People came out of their homes after a day of waiting and worrying and cheered, whistled and clapped when law enforcement made its way back out of the area.

You don’t mess with Boston.

Mother Nature didn’t get the message.

Someone has played a cruel joke on me. I was ready to put away all my layering pieces of clothing and get out my short sleeves and proceed on to spring. Obviously Mother Nature didn’t get the message that it’s spring.

Of course it is spring in Ohio. I saw a funny post on Facebook Friday afternoon that had a box of four pictures. The title was “Spring in Ohio.” The first one looked like a wonderful spring day, the second had people wading in knee-deep water, the third had the funnel cloud of a tornado and the fourth was a blizzard. How true. We had nearly all those things in the last two weeks. The four-letter word is still in the forecast so anything can happen.

I was just so disappointed when I had to pull the heavy winter coat out again to walk little Ringo. He doesn’t seem to mind, of course, and takes his time, raising his face to the wind and taking big sniffs.

So here we are again hunkering down because it’s just not nice outside.

The sun is supposed to make an appearance today. I’m ready. The sun can make up for a lot.


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