August 29, 2014

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Delphos Community Rural Fire Protection Association holds annual meeting PDF Print E-mail
Monday, April 22, 2013 1:21 PM

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The Delphos Community Rural Fire Protection Association held its 59th annual meeting on April 15 at the Marion Township House.

The association was founded in 1955 by residents in Marion and Washington townships served by the Delphos Fire Department. The association assists the fire department with purchases of equipment used in service to the townships as well as training and maintenance costs.

All property owners in the townships are considered to be members of the association and have voting rights at the meeting. The association annually sends request by mail that township residents contribute $8 per set of buildings. Residents can also use a coupon published in the Delphos Herald. The contributions can be dropped off at local banks or returned by mail to Bruce Kraft. Contributions are still being accepted for 2013.

In attendance were President Dan Kramer, Treasurer Bruce Kraft, Secretary Terry Knebel, Directors Dave Swick and Charlie Buettner and General Member Doug Giese.

Treasurer Kraft reported that $3,034 had been returned from the annual mailing and newspaper coupons. Delphos Fire Chief Dave McNeal accompanied by firefighters Don Moreo and Jamey Wisher were also in attendance.

Chief McNeal stated that since his report to the association in April 2012, the fire department and EMS responded to a total of 1,268 calls. Of those, 152 were in the townships. There were 32 responses to fires, 99 EMS calls and 21 classified as other.

McNeal also reported that a project to place a donated pump at the reservoir had been cancelled due to the poor condition of the pump. A grant application for communications upgrades is still pending.

McNeal noted that the pickup truck that had been purchased by the Rural Fire Association was in need of a new engine water pump The association agreed to cover the cost of this repair.

No other immediate needs were noted by McNeal but he promised to contact the association if any need arises.

Geise questioned whether hydrants could be placed along the water line that runs along State Route 66 from the old well field to the city limits. Kramer noted that per previous discussion with city officials, the need to run treated water back into the line and periodic flushing made such a project cost prohibitive.

The 2014 meeting is tentatively scheduled for April 7, 2014.


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