August 21, 2014

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Let the arguments begin! PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, April 25, 2013 12:22 PM

The National Holiday — er, uh, the NFL Draft (I’m sorry, the NFL Player Selection Meeting!) is upon us tonight!

Can I tell you that I don’t like the 3-day format!

I was getting used to attending Draft parties on Saturdays — basically — and having healthy … disagreements … with fellow attendees regarding their teams and my team!

Come to think of it, we generally agreed that the Cowboys’ drafts under Mr. Jerry Jones and Gil Brandt toward the end of the Landry era were rotten, lousy, terrible and some might say mediocre!

Oh, well, Paul Tagliabue, Roger Goodell and the powers-that-be didn’t ask for my 2-pennies worth, especially with the dollar signs that supposedly were dancing in their heads like sugar plums at Christmas time from the networks should they make this move!

I wonder if I am in the minority in this regard because if I’m not, I am sure NFL offices would have been inundated with complaints in the time since they did this starting in 2010.

Some interesting tidbits about the Draft that I didn’t know or wasn’t necessarily sure about: it began in 1936 with John Jacob “Jay” Berwanger from the University of Chicago, the first winner of the Downtown Athletic Club Trophy in 1935 (the next year renamed the Heisman Trophy) — wait, UC had a football team? In the Big Ten Conference? — the first pick by the Philadelphia Eagles. There is some discrepancy as to the reasons why he ended up being traded to Da Bears under George “Papa Bear” Halas and never played a down of professional football. I will go with the explanation I read in The Milwaukee Journal archives — remember the saying the more things change …? — the Iggles didn’t believe they could meet his salary demands of $1,000 per game! He also didn’t sign with Da Bears so he could remain an amateur and try out for the 1936 Summer Olympic team in the decathlon; after he didn’t make the cut, he and Halas couldn’t agree on a salary and he “retired” from the game.

Another item: the Draft used to be held on weekdays until 1988.

The Mr. Irrelevant moniker — the final player selected, was “begun” in 1976.

Now, as far as who should be the first pick and who should draft whom, I haven’t a clue.

When you have as bad a track record as I do in my fantasy football leagues — and as rotten luck, too: I thought picking Toby Gerhart from Minnesota was a great pick this past year with Adrian Pederson recovering from a bad knee injury and other guys at the draft agreed and then AD makes a MIRACULOUS recovery and has a ridiculous year! — I should stay out of these types arguments.

Unless, of course, it’s the Cowboys and the Draft Genius makes another stupid pick!

I always love the argument that “well, we can’t replace so-and-so because who are we going to replace him with?” — in this particular case, it is Tony Romo.
Well, why don’t you draft someone that might be able to take his place — or at least you could groom — instead of relying on retreads and has-beens that really weren’t that great to begin with?

When the quarterback you are “grooming” was an option quarterback in college and wasn’t a great thrower — as compared to many great throwers that have been drafted over the years — well, you get the picture.

You continue to “address” needs — such as offensive line and secondary — that you will need to address in two years because these buffoons you pick are not the greatest thing since sliced bread and don’t address other needs with guys that CAN play — such as quarterback. I am sure that fans of every team that is represented in our beloved Big D can lament with me on this! I am sorry: I’m going to stay out of these arguments!


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