August 20, 2014

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From the Thrift Shop - April 27, 2013 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, April 29, 2013 8:43 AM


Okay, who forgot to tell Mother Nature that it’s supposed to be Spring? We’re supposed to be wearing shorts and flip flops. We’re supposed to be watching our gardens grow, and most of us haven’t even put anything in the ground yet! I did get some onion sets but the ground is way too wet (and cold) to put them in. My guess is we’ll probably go directly into summer and we’ll all be complaining how hot it is. Seems like it works that way!

Speaking of work, if you’d like to help out at the Thrift Shop, we could really use you! Some of our faithful volunteers have had to “retire” because of health and age issues, and we are really in need of volunteers. Can you spare a couple hours to work a cash register or bag the customer’s items? Can you help sort donated items? Are you looking to make some new friends? Let us know by calling 419-692-2942 or stop in and let us know — it’s rewarding and it’s fun, too.

Shame on us! It came to our attention that we failed to post a sign on our doors about the shop being closed on Holy Thursday and Good Friday and patrons were lined up at the doors to get in. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience we caused anyone. February and March newspaper articles carried that announcement, but we dropped the ball by not posting it on the door. Please forgive us — we shall do better in the future.


We were recently blessed by food drives held at two of our local business offices. Curves held their annual drive and contributed 1800 pounds of food plus a monetary cash donation, and employees at SAFY (Specialized Alternatives for Families and Youth) held a food drive as part of their Easter celebration. Employees brought in food items to their office in order to be entered into a drawing to win a basket of Easter goodies. SAFY is a national child welfare and juvenile justice organization that provides a wide range of services with programs to treat the entire family in the privacy of their home. SAFY believes that when our families are strong, our communities are strong. SAFY employees proudly engage in outreach activities to promote the health of families within the communities they live and work in (28 offices in 8 states).


The donations from these two organizations will be matched in a grant from the Feinstein Foundation. Many, many thanks to the efforts of all involved in this food drive to benefit the Food Pantry at the Thrift Shop. We are able to continue to help those in need in our community because you care. God bless all who participated in any way to make those food drives such a huge success.

Thanks to all who’ve brought in those nice large shopping bags. We really needed them — and still need more. It’s amazing how many bags we go through during business hours. Your plastic grocery bags and basically any large or small shopping bags; both plastic and paper and those with handles are appreciated.

School will soon be out! Can you believe it? That means summer babysitting jobs and the kids are at home. Get to the Thrift Shop and get some extra books and maybe some things to make crafts. Pick up some clothing articles to have dress-up parties. There’s feather boas and sparkling high heels — what fun. Pick up some hats and have a crazy hat party. The ideas are endless and the kids will love it. Re-stock the toy box, too. New items come in every day so check the shelves often. Sometimes a cuddly soft teddy bear can do the trick to comfort a crying child — there’s lots to choose from. As always, everything is washed and disinfected thoroughly for your child’s health and safety.

Vacation days are on the horizon. If you need a straw hat or swimsuit for the beach, or a pair of shoes to stomp around in the mud in, a nice shorts set to sit and sip iced tea in, get it here. You’ll find it and more. You can get a purse for every day of the week, too. You should see the selection. The point is, check out all of the departments at the Thrift Shop. A treasure of some sort is here waiting for you!


Until the next time, that’s this month’s report.


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