September 1, 2014

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Monday, May 06, 2013 8:08 PM

By Stacy Taff

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DELPHOS—When someone decides to sell their home, they usually want it to happen as quickly as possible and with minimal complications. The same can be said for someone looking to buy a home. A real estate agent is someone in a position to help in either situation.

Lynn Claypool, a sales agent/broker, says she made the decision to become a real estate agent after being in the market for a house of her own.


“Around that time, we were looking at houses ourselves and I really enjoyed just going through all the different homes and seeing the different styles,” she said. “I was a stay-at-home mom and then I started to look for something that would provide me with extra income but also offer some flexibility. Real estate seemed like a good fit.”


Once she decided to enter real estate, Claypool took four classes and a test to acquire her agent’s license in 2004. In 2006 she got her broker’s license.

“A broker has the opportunity to go out and work on their own,” she said. “A sales agent has to work under a broker. I was with another agency for eight years before I switched.”

As for whether or not she will strike out on her own as a broker, Claypool says she doesn’t see it happening anytime soon.

“There’s always the possibility but I won’t do it while my kids are still young. Lauren is 20, Brittney is 17 and Kristina is 13,” she said. “I’m happy where I am right now. I have it good with my boss, she’s a wonderful person to work for.”

No two days are the same for Claypool but her job duties are always consistent.

“I’m usually out showing houses or taking care of the different properties I have,” she said. “There are multiple listings for properties, so all of us kind of work together. We don’t just show our own listings. If someone wants to see a house that’s under another broker, I can show it to them.”

“I also do some market analysis for banks who want to know where the market is to bid on a home,” she added. “The market has been steady. I’ve been working a little harder than I was a few years ago but if you’re working hard at it, you can do well.”

While Claypool is a full time agent, she also works for SAFY.

“People always say ‘so real estate is your part time job,’” She said. “No, they’re both full time jobs. There are no off days. The other day I took a half-day off to shampoo my carpets. I got a call from a client wanting to see a listing I have in Lima, so I stopped what I was doing and drove over there. After I got back home, another client called wanting to see the same property. I could’ve said no, that it was my day off, but then they could’ve gotten another agent to show it to them. That’s one thing about this job, whatever you put into it is what you get back.”

For those who have plans to sell their homes, Claypool has a nugget of advice.

“The less personalization there is, the easier it is for people to see themselves in your home,” she said. “If you aren’t using something, put it away, just de-clutter. I know that’s hard when you’ve lived in a home for years but the less of you someone sees, the better.”

Claypool’s favorite part of real estate is dealing with her clients.

“The best part for me is to see how excited people get when they get their first home. Being able to help them through that process is the greatest feeling,” she said. “I love helping people realize their dreams. I have some clients now that want to downsize and move out of state. I want to help them do that. A lot of clients become lifelong friends because you spend a lot of time working with them.”

“I can’t think of anything I don’t like about this job, there’s really nothing bad,” she continued. “Actually there is one thing, trying to get the signs in and out of the yards when the ground freezes.”

Claypool lives in Delphos with her two younger daughters.

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