August 28, 2014

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Thursday, May 23, 2013 12:06 AM

The Delphos Catholic Ladies of Columbia recently held its annual Poetry and Essay Contest. Winners were treated to a carry-in dinner and read their works to the audience. Here are the winning poems and essays.

State Catholic Daughter of America winners for 2013 include Div. I first place poem, Adam Bockey; Div. II second place poem, Maya Gerker; Div. III first place poem, Anna Mueller; Div. IV first place poem, Doris Lindeman; Div. I second place essay, Blake Etgen; and Div. II second place essay, Cole Reindel.


“My Life is a Reflection of Good”

My life is a reflection of good,

I know I can do it because Jesus thought I could.

I try to live a life of leadership and love,

In hope to make it to heaven above.

My family and friends help me along the way,

In the things I do and the words I say.

God is the reason that I am here,

So I try to have a good reflection when I look in the mirror.

Maya Gerker

Gr. 8 1st place poem Div. III


“Jesus is Reflected in Me”

When I look in the mirror, what do I see?

Is it the face of Jesus staring back at me?

But if it is not, what should I do?

Pretend that my sins are but a few?

No, I decided, Lord God, that would not be true,

I would not be here if it were not for You.

You light my path, You guide me through,

No matter what happens, I follow you.

Anna Mueller

Gr. 9 1st place Div. III

“Jesus is Reflected in Me”

Jesus has called me to be his ambassador on earth

To care for the poor and hear their sad cry

It was a calling given to me at the time of my birth

To heal God’s children, one child at a time

The love I feel for these children is strong

To see the difference you make in their life

Giving your time and your talents surely cannot be wrong

For Jesus is reflected in me during their strife

Doris Lindeman

1st place

Jesus is Reflected in Me

J esus is a part of who I am

E very kind thing that I do and say

S hows others that God is in my heart

U nselfish actions towards others

S howing care for all of God’s family

I am meant to be a disciple of Jesus

S o I can be an example of what is most important…


Adam Bockey

Gr. 5 1st place poem Div. I


A Follower of God

Every day I feel your embrace,

Which draws me to you in every common place.

I do my best to help and teach others,

So they can send the good message to their brothers.

Comforting those who are in need,

Makes others want to take the lead.

Even though the world is filled with turmoil and strife,

I try to model Christ in my life.

Colleen Schulte

Gr. 10 2nd place Div. III


God is Reflected Through Me

God is with me throughout each day.

His presence reflected by what I do and say

Blessings are sought from heaven above

For the ill, the grieving, all whom I love.

When life is challenging with problems to face,

God’s love is there with abundant grace.

In thanksgiving, I’ll spread his good news…

“Don’t be afraid, I’m always with you!”

Margaret Fischer

2nd place poem


My Reflection of God

My God I have done my part!

I have done it with a holy heart.

I could never disappear from the cross!

It would truly be one bad loss.

You are so sweet.

I wish we could meet.

Being kind is really cool.

Just like a brand new pool!

I am a reflection of GOD!


Sophia Giambruno-Fuge

Gr. 5 2nd place poem


“Jesus is Reflected in Me”

When I look in the mirror,

It is you Lord I want to see.

Your loving, caring, forgiving heart.

A good Christian I want to be.

I shall follow your footsteps

Wherever they may lead.

The fruitfulness of life

Begins with a seed

Josh Warnecke

Gr. 8 2nd place poem Div. II


Jesus is Reflected in Me

Jesus is reflected in me in many different ways. It took plenty of thought and asking a lot of questions to understand how to write an essay this long. My mom reminded me of a story that happened that would explain how I think Jesus reflected in myself and in others.

When my brother was much younger, at the age of 2, he was diagnosed with Autism with mental retardation. My mom told me about how he wouldn’t speak at all. He would bang his head on the walls or play all by himself. I remember him doing that. Or pointing whenever he wanted something. But I wanted to help my brother as much as I could. So, my mom, grandma, and me made signs to put up all over the house. Like a card that read “lamp” or “microwave” even signs for the couch and chairs. That way we would make Brenden start saying the words instead of just pointing and making noise. I also made sure I always included my brother when playing games. He would try to go play by himself but I would always make him come play with me. A lot of times no one could understand what my brother was saying when he was trying to tell them something. They would call me and ask me what he was saying. I don’t know why but I always knew what he wanted or was trying to say. I think that is where Jesus came through me to help my brother. He went back to that same doctor when he was 5. The doctor said she couldn’t believe it was the same child. He was speaking and looking at her. She said he still had autism but she called in high functioning autism. (My mom helped me with that part.) But she also said that with me being such a good big brother and all of us helping him out is what made him start to understand things a lot better. I felt very proud about that.

There are also times I like to help people out when I can. Like today I was listening to the music on my mom’s phone. It was a long car ride and when I looked at Brenden I could tell he was sad and bored. So I asked him if he wanted to share my head phones so he could listen too. But there are times when I can be not so nice and times like that I don’t like myself very much. I think those are the times Jesus would be very disappointed in me.

I do try other ways to show how Jesus is reflected in me by helping my mom carry in groceries or help my grandma put the laundry away. I also ran all over the neighborhood a few times helping my back neighbors find their dog. She got out a lot. She only did it when she was in heat, whatever that means. But I do love Jesus and I love having him as a part of my life. He is always there for me so I will try very hard to always be there for other people. The world would be a lot nicer place if everyone would feel that exact same way.

Blake Etgen

Div. I Essay

1st place

“My Life is a Reflection of Good”

My parents teach me a lot about how to be the best that I can be. They teach me to treat others how I would want to be treated. They also set a good example for me, so I can set a good example for those who look up to me.

God’s Word has had a big influence in my life. It has also played a huge part in guiding me in the right direction. My faith has taught me all sorts of things such as to never give up when things are getting tough. Through my faith I have learned that Jesus is humble and kind so I need to try to do that too. God’s Word also taught me to be kind towards others, so I really try to do that every day, even though sometimes it’s hard.

My older brother has taught me to be kind and compassionate. He is a Boy Scout, so he volunteers at many community events such as Music in the Park and bingo. I help him with many of those activities. My brother also helps with cleaning up the gym after varsity games; I often help him with that too. This has taught me to always to be willing to sacrifice a little bit of my time to help someone in need. This has also taught me that every little job makes a big difference.

My dad is a part of the Allen County Republican Party, so I help out at many events like parades when I pass out candy, golf outings when I help out at concessions, and other events which usually involve working at concessions or cleaning up. This has taught me that even though it may sound hard and boring it is actually very fun and I can also make friends.

My mom has played a huge role in building strong character. For example, she has taught me that being honest and trustworthy are traits that are more important. She taught me to be nice to everyone I meet even though I may not want to. She also taught me the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule has played a big part in my life and helps with many parts of my life. I often go over to my grandma’s house. My mom often reminds me to help out my grandma and grandpa, like if they drop something, I should pick it up. She teaches me about honesty and how lying is not the way to go. Good manners are also what my mom has set a good example on.

Volunteering has helped with a lot of things such as how to be a hard worker, how to have a good work ethic, and how to help those in need. So, my parents, my older brother, my mother and my other family members have helped me improve my way of life and I hope they keep helping me improve in the future.

Abby Stocksdale

Div. I Essay

2nd place

In the Image of Christ

“Do not be worried and upset,” Jesus told them. “Believe in God and believe also in me.” (John 14:1). This is one of my favorite quotes from the Bible. It shows if I trust in God and try to act like Jesus I will have a place in heaven. Jesus is reflected in me through forgiving, loving, and kind actions.

First of all, Jesus is reflected in me through my forgiving actions. For example, when Jesus died on the cross he forgave the soldiers who killed him. I try to forgive my brother and sister when they fight with me. I forgive them for hurting me. Jesus also forgave the woman who washed his feet with her tears. Like Christ, if one of my friends is truly sorry for being mean to me, instead of holding a grudge, even if it’s difficult, I accept their apology.

Next, I try to be loving in my actions like Jesus. Jesus showed his love by dying on the cross for us. He died for us because he loved us so much! I show love to my parents by obeying them and telling the truth. Jesus is also loving when he always makes time for people, especially children. When I babysit my cousins, I try to show my loving actions to them.

Finally, Jesus shows kindness in his actions. Jesus healed people like the lepers. I try to be kind to animals which are God’s creatures. Another example is when Jesus turned the water into wine at the wedding of Cana. When a friend of mine was crying I comforted her.

In closing, Jesus is reflected in me through my forgiving, loving, and kind actions. I will try to live my life like Christ did. It will not be easy, but when I look in the mirror, I want to know I tried my very best! I feel it is important to be like Jesus because he gave his life for me.

Hannah Elwer

Div. I Essay

2nd place

“My Life is a Reflection of Good”

My life is full of good qualities. God made each of us special. I work every day, whether it is out in the rain or in the mud. I work for my family. Reason for this is my dad has a broken and shattered knee. Then to make matters worse my mom passed away in 2009. I have a brother and a sister. I am the oldest of the three. Someone had to step up in the family, and I was the oldest of the three. With love, courage and support I was able to do it.

I have always been dedicated at everything I do. It is very important for me to do well in my schoolwork. I work hard at getting good grades and I’m always willing to help other teachers. Volunteering to serve our church by working the sound system helps me feel closer to God.

Being an outdoorsman makes me adventurous and strong. God’s creation is wondrous. So many people take God’s creation for advantage. But I’ve always cared for God’s creation by exploring it.

I have always been taught to be loyal and respectful to others and their property. Helping others doesn’t always require a reward. Jesus never expected anything in return for his good works. This helps me set a good example for myself and others.

Being with my grandparents has taught me a lot about life, love and respect. It has always given me a great feeling to be able to help them when they are in need of something. I believe that God has blessed me with good people in my life.

With the lessons that I have learned from life, I am constantly challenged to live them out. Life doesn’t always go the way I planned it, but with strength, courage, and humility I can achieve life’s challenge.

Everyone should have a motto in life. Mine is “Be honest, Be respectful, Think smart, Love fully, and Work hard.

Cole Reindel

Div. II Essay

1st Place


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