August 20, 2014

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A good fantasy life is healthy PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, June 01, 2013 12:15 AM

I have a lot of fantasies.

No, not those kinds of fantasies…well, maybe those, too…but wait, I’m getting off track here. I’m talking about “practical fantasies.” Like having a house with two bathrooms. Those kind of fantasies.

I dream of one day living in a home in which I can use the facilities in peace without kids banging on the door. I dream that I will be able to shower from start to finish, enjoy a relaxing shower without my husband coming in and doing his business. I dream that I will, one day, have my own bathroom.

Sure, my dream might not be as noble as, say, Martin Luther King’s. But it’s my dream, just the same. It’s not my only dream, either.

I also have visions of one day living in the woods. I love our cute little house now, but I’ve always seen myself living in an old house in the woods. I just think it’d be great. I like the idea of being able to go outside without worrying what I’m wearing or who’s around. Every time we now drive by an old home with character that’s located in the woods, I stare off wistfully and picture us all living there. I can see it.

Old fireplaces really do it for me, too. If we ever move again, it’s on my wish list. I love them. I’d love to spend Christmas Eve gathered around the fireplace, roasting marshmallows and listening to Bing Crosby. Nowhere we’ve lived has had a fireplace.

There’s always the possibility of adding onto the house we’re in now…when we moved here, we did say it was more of a “transitional home” and that we’d eventually like to make some improvements, sell it, and then maybe build. Maybe in the woods! My dad is an architect, so he’s already sketched out plans of adding onto the house – like the first week we moved in, on the back of a menu at A & W. (He’s a genius, by the way. Must be where I get it. Right?) Anyway, now it’s a matter of bringing these plans to fruition – and that’s a matter of money.

Which brings me back to my fantasies. For now, that’s all they’ll be. Hopefully someday they can be realities…just not right now.

So what are some of your home improvement fantasies? I think we all dream of bigger and/or better at one time or another. Unless you are the original Joneses, the ones we’re all trying to keep up with. Who am I kidding? We stopped trying to keep up with them years ago. I actually don’t think we ever tried.

So unless you already have it all, I’m sure there’s a project or two you’d like to start to improve the ol’ homestead. Why not make a plan to do it? Oh, yeah. Money. That pesky thing again. Well, if you have the money, what’s stopping you? And if you don’t have the money right now…

It’s always healthy to have a good fantasy life.

Sara Berelsman lives in Ft. Jennings with her husband and their two children. Check out her blog at



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