August 27, 2014

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Sunday evening concert confirmed by VW fairboard PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, June 12, 2013 12:34 AM


DHI Correspondent

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VAN WERT - Summer may just be heating up but thoughts were on the cool days of Fall as the Van Wert County Fairboard held an Open Meeting for the public on Monday evening. The main topics of discussion were projects that were being completed and event changes that visitors will see at the 2013 Fair - including the return of a Sunday evening show in the grandstand.

The fairboard confirmed a group of local businessowners and citizens had joined together to make it possible for the Fair to hold a Sunday evening concert at the grandstand. Although the name of the act will not be released for another couple of weeks, the directors did say it was a country music act.

Andy Czajkowski of Statewide Ford was one of the businesspeople involved with the project and he was on hand to thank the board for their work to make the event happen.

“I think it’s good for the community; I think it will be great for the Fair,” said Czajkowski. “Again, I commend all of you for the difficult decisions you’ve made. It’s not been easy.”

A release with the names of all the local businesses involved and the ticket sale date will be forthcoming.

The major project that will be worked on before this year’s festivities is the new roof on the Dairy Barn. Director Mike Poling said the construction would begin next Monday. After that project is completed, work will begin on the renovation of the milking parlors.

Because of its proximity to the road and high visibility, former director and Fair secretary Paul Oechsle commented on how the project would help the appearance of the fairgrounds to passersby.

“I think the roof and what you are doing to the Dairy Barn is really going to help tremendously,” said Oechsle. “I think with what’s happening that’s really going make that building look a lot different and its really going to help the fairgrounds.”

Director Brad Taylor shared that 4-H club members have been on the grounds painting gates and performing general maintenance. Also, the Van Wert Community Club has completed its project of painting and cleaning at the grandstand. But those are just some of the changes that will be noticeable to fair goers this Fall. Also in process:

- A cement floor will be poured in the next few days in the Gospel Pavilion.

- A slate of motorcycle races is scheduled for June 22-23.

- On July 27, an auction will be held to fund the Free Entertainment Tent during the Fair.

In addition to bringing back the Sunday evening concert, the fairboard will be adding or changing several events:

- Single gate ticket prices will be lowered from $6 to $5.

- Kids Day will be held on Thursday.

- Friday will be Veterans Day and Senior Day.

- A video games trailer will be on hand for entertainment.

- Coloring boards will be added. Visitors will be able to draw pictures on rolls of paper and after each day the artwork will be displayed around the fairgrounds.

- A radio booth will be in the Commercial Building.

- A booth filled with memorabilia from past fairs will also be in the Commercial Building.

- Kernel Cooper’s Corn Maze will have a laser tag game area.

- A water balls ride has been added.

- An extra night of harness racing will take place. Racing will be held on Wednesday and Thursday evenings with the annual running races still held on Monday afternoon.

- The band show will take place on Monday night.

The directors said individual releases about all the changes and additions will be available in the local media over the next few weeks. Even so, they were glad to have the chance to hold the meeting.

“I want to thank everybody who showed tonight,” said Director Taylor about the importance of the Open Meeting. “This is an opportunity for us to talk with the public.”

The fairboard office will open for the season beginning on July 8.


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