September 1, 2014

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Window to the Past - One machine runs into canal, another backs into Jennings Creek PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, June 15, 2013 12:36 AM

Impromptu baths were taken by parties in two automobiles Sunday night.

A Dodge sedan driven by Lester Renner, of west of Delphos, ran into the canal at the Clime street bridge at about 8 o’clock. Mr. Renner was going east on Clime street and started to pass another machine. To avoid a collision at the bridge, Mr. Renner turned aside and ran into the stream.

It was necessary to call assistance from a local garage to get the car out of the canal.

Mr. Renner was alone in the machine at the time and was not injured. The car was not damaged with the exception of being given a soaking.

A Dodge roadster backed into the overflow water of the Jennings creek on the Ft. Jennings road about three miles north of Delphos at about 10:30 Sunday night.

The car was not damaged, but it and the four occupants, Richard Wagner, Syl Knebel, Alice Rode and Loretta Gerdeman, were plunged into the water. The four were not injured.

A local garage man was called to take the car from the water.

Delphos Herald,

Nov. 4, 1929


Auto Thief Sells

Car in Delphos

A Ford touring car which was stolen in Detroit recently was brought to Delphos and sold to Wm. Alexander, who in turn traded it to Michael Miller, near Roselm, and has again been returned to its owner.

The owners of the car, of Holland, Mich., were visiting at Detroit when the car was taken. The party taking the machine, F.J. Schriber, of Detroit, was later arrested. He also stated he has taken a number of others.

Both Mr. Alexander and Miller were entirely innocent parties. Four machines stolen by Schriber were recovered at Celina. Two of these had been sold by him to a party at Rockford and two in Celina.

Delphos Herald,

Sept. 4, 1919


New Type Auto

Transmission Invented

A new automatic automobile transmission eliminating all gears, and combining in one foot pedal, the functions of brake, clutch and accelerator levers has been developed by a Swedish engineer, Dr. Fred Ljungstorm.

Delphos Herald,

Nov. 7, 1929


Combination Auto

and Boat Built

W.G. Daubenberger, of Des Moines, has designed and built a combination automobile and motor boat.

Tests already made, he said, show the machine will do 75 miles an hour on land and 20 miles on water. It is equipped with water tanks and will not sink. He plans to manufacture the machine in both open and closed models.

Delphos Herald,

Mar. 18, 1929


Walks Two Miles to

Save Three Cents

John Colthorp, bachelor, landholder, walked two miles to pay a three and a half cent school tax here because he said the journey would have taken three cents worth of gasoline, had he used his car.

Delphos Herald,

Mar. 16, 1929


Family Has Rare

Piece of Paper Money

One of the rarest bank notes ever issued by the United States government — a $7 bill — is in possession of the J. M. Cooper family here.

The note, which the government never has redeemed, was given Cooper’s grandfather in 1776 for service in the Continental army. It was signed by J.W. Watkins and W. Sellers and is dated July 22, 1776.

On one side it “entitles the bearer seven Spanish Milled dollars or the value thereof in gold or silver, according to a resolution of Congress.” The reverse side bears a picture — that of a tree standing in a square.

The bill has been in the possession of the Cooper family since it was issued.

Delphos Herald,

Mar. 15, 1929


Lost $600 in a

Poker Game

Lyman Paul, Chicago salesman, filed a suit for $600 Thursday in Allen County common pleas court which he claims to have lost in a stud poker game. The plaintiff named Ralph Cook, Howard Tibbs, William Taffinger and Olga Suratt, all of Lima, as defendants.

The action was brought in the court on a petition that is based on a state law providing that winning money in a game of chance, makes the winner a debtor to the loser to the amount of money in consideration.

Paul claims that the game was played in a Lima house on the night of October 17. Judge Becker will hear the case soon.

Delphos Herald,

Oct. 25, 1929


Historic Corduroy Road

Old moss-covered cedar logs, rotted with age, except at the hearts, are being removed from their beds in the corduroy road which cuts across the farm of Edgar Campbell in Castleton, Vt. and was a part of the Revolutionary highway leading from Castleton village to the main military highway running across the state of Vermont. The logs are said to have lain undisturbed since 1775, when the Green Mountain boys under Gen. Ethan Allen and the troops of Benedict Arnold met there to march against Ticonderoga. The Redcoats of General Burgoyne pitched their tents in Castleton in 1777, and used the old road, which is now being restored by Mr. Campbell for logging purposes.

Delphos Herald,

Oct. 26, 1929


Pioneer Claims to

Have Oldest Boots

Pleasant Hill, Mo. — Jacob Miller, who bought a pair of boots 71 years ago when he was 22 years old, and still wears them, claims they are the oldest pair of boots in existence.

Delphos Herald,

Oct. 26, 1929


Announcement Surprises

Many Delphos People

An announcement which will come as a great surprise to many people, was made Tuesday when Jettinghoff Bros. & Harris announced they will sell out their stock and cease to conduct a clothing and men’s furnishing business in Delphos.

They state that, starting Nov. 1, their concern, one of the oldest mercantile firms in Delphos, will conduct its “Going Out of Business Sale.”

The senior member of the firm, A. H. Jettinghoff, has served the public for over fifty years and wishes to retire from active business.

W.M. Harris, one of the partners, has not made any definite plans for the future.

R.H. Jettinghoff, the third partner, who is secretary and general manager of the Gramm Finance company, will devote his time to the finance company and to Gramm Motors, Inc.

Delphos Herald,

Oct. 29, 1929


Muddy Main Street

The recent rain has placed the side wagon tracks on North Main street in a very muddy condition, which proves to be an inducement for the teamsters to abandon them and drive in the center of the road, which was recently piked. If the muddy condition continues, the pike will soon be in good condition.

Delphos Herald,

Nov. 19, 1895


What Has Become

of Old Dobbin?

Remember the days when people came to town behind old Dobbin. Also the time when there was a minimum of travel. Journeys were all taken on trains as there were not many highways back then.

Well, times have changed. Yes, they have changed in more than one way.

In the first place, Dobbin has been dethroned. Time was, not so many years past, when a horse drawn variety was not an oddity to cause people to stop and stare. Now, they are more likely to pause and gape when they see a buggy passing by.

Then, not too many years ago, had one seen a hundred vehicles pass a certain spot of an evening, it would have caused considerable comment.

All of which leads to and is drawn from a count which was taken on South Pierce street by a resident between 5:30 and 7:00 o’clock, Saturday evening and has been reported to this office.

An accurate count shows that 102 machines came into the city on Pierce street. As for Dobbin — only three buggies were seen to wend their way into the city.

Most of the cars which arrived at this time were probably going to the fair.

During the same time, 48 machines left the city over this street.

Delphos Herald,

Aug. 31, 1926


Value Placed on

Jos. Roth Estate

A value of $24,150 was placed on three pieces of Delphos real estate, portions of the estate of the late Jos. Roth, by Commissioners in partition John Wahmhoff, Wm. Steinle and Edward Stallkamp, who named for this purpose.

The Roth meat market building on Main street was appraised at $16,000. The Jos. Roth home on North Main was appraised at $8,000 and a vacant lot in the Roth addition at $150.

The appraisal is the result of the partition suit of Mary Kindley vs. John Roth and others. The property will be sold.

Delphos Herald,

July 30, 1926


Notice to Landowner —

Washington Township

You are hereby notified to cut all noxious weeds such as Russian, Canadian Thistle, wild lettuce, wild mustard, wild parsnip, wild carrots and all other noxious weeds growing on lands owned or occupied by the party living on same.

By Order of Trustees

Washington Township

Joseph Beckman, Clerk-Adv.

Delphos Herald,

July 30, 1926




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