September 2, 2014

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Saturday, June 22, 2013 12:00 AM


OK, yes, I admit it. I cheated. I’m still cheating, in fact.

Each summer, I see all these beautiful flower and vegetable gardens and wonder why mine can’t look as beautiful and bountiful as those. So, I bought Miracle Grow this year. You should see my tomatoes! Awesome comes to mind. Hopefully they come to fruition and I can also harvest my onions and peppers and try my hand as salsa-making. If I have as many tomatoes as I think I might have, I better start stocking up on tortilla chips right now.

While I might not have the proverbial green thumb, it is tinted a little blue from the Miracle Grow.

The shelves at the Food Pantry and other various departments within the Thrift Shop continue to stay stocked up with new items that arrive daily. This town is so generous and we continue to thank you all for remembering us with your gently-used clothing, purses, shoes, toys and household items. As a reminder, please don’t leave your items on the sidewalk when the window is full and especially not if it is raining. You can call 419-692-2942 to make arrangements for a drop-off time or if we are there, knock on the back door and we’ll take your donations through that door. Items left on the sidewalk not only pose a safety threat to citizens, it’s actually against the law to obstruct the sidewalk.

If you have some extra time this summer, would you be interested in volunteering at the Thrift Shop? We can really use your help. Call and let us know your intentions — we need sorters, cashiers and baggers. If you can spare an hour or two, a morning or an evening, we will be thrilled to have your help.

Having a Fourth of July party? Get all your red, white and blue decorations here. Mix, match or make a fun hodge-podge collection of items that shout out your patriotism for America. Everything red, white and blue from cups, saucers and plates to streamers, garlands and fun feather boas would make for a memorable July 4 barbecue.

Speaking of the Fourth of July, the Thrift Shop will be closed that Thursday but we will be open for our regular business hours from 1-4 p.m. on Friday and 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday.

After we’ve celebrated the Fourth of July, the shop starts to gear up for all the upcoming summer sale events. At this time, those dates have not yet been determined but stay tuned. Everyone always looks forward to the 25-cent sale, the buy-one-get-one sale and the school uniform sale, too. We will keep you posted when we make the final determination of those dates.

Here’s some food for thought: Don’t be afraid to donate a sugar bowl that doesn’t have a lid. Someone might be looking for one because they have the lid but not the bowl. Someone might be looking for cereal bowls for the camper and doesn’t care if there’s two of this kind and three of this or if they all match.

I saw a magazine that featured beautiful dining rooms that each chair at the table had a different cushion and different place settings. It was gorgeous. Any table can be made beautiful with a vase of flowers and the shop has quite a selection. The point is, don’t pitch it out because it might be just what someone needs or is looking for.

From all of us at the Thrift Shop, have a safe, happy holiday and enjoy this great summer.

Last Updated on Saturday, June 22, 2013 12:14 AM

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