September 2, 2014

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Ottoville council approves 2014 budget PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, June 25, 2013 12:14 AM


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OTTOVILLE—Village council addressed an abundance of topics during Monday’s monthly meeting including: approval of the village’s 2014 budget, bid approval of the Auglaize Street Reconstruction Project and the discussion of improvements and annexation of Ralph and Irene Miller’s property.

Fiscal Officer Jeanne Wannemacher presented council members with the village’s 2014 budget. Total anticipated revenues for the year is estimated at $1,400,426 and estimated expenditures stand at 1,491,284. Wannemacher said revenues will continue to come in for this year adding to the balance remaining from this year.

Wannemacher addressed the Police Fund, which was ‘wiped out’ when the new cruiser was bought. She explained that in the budget, a transfer of $5,000 was made to the Police Fund for upcoming expenses. She noted that there have been situations where the police department could have used an additional Taser.

“If we get a new officer, he’ll need a new vest which run $800-$1,000,” Wannemacher said. “Maybe one way to give them a little more.”

Wannemacher said that as far as the budget goes, the village is better off this year than last year at this time.

Chuck Daniels of The Miller Contracting Group spoke with council regarding permission to tap into the existing water line—which they will pay triple rates— without annexation of the office. Councilmen Tim Rieger asked Daniels what the estimated usage would be. “Just office use—drinking water and toilet flushing—normal use,” Daniels explained.

Miller told Daniels to contact BPA officer Dan Honigford when his company was ready to tap into the water line.

Brian Goubeaux of Choice One Engineering presented the bids for the Auglaize Street reconstruction project. The Miller Contracting Group submitted the winning bid of $563,025 and will begin work after July. Miller said that the construction will be completed in October.

Goubeaux said that the deletion of the rehabilitation of the sanitary line and lateral cut-in got the village into the ideal price range. He said the village can do the sanitary rehab anytime and not tear up the road.

“We insert a balloon into the sanitary main, heat it up and cut-in the materials,” Goubeaux explained.

The village was approached by Martin Kuhlman and Curt Cory from the Port Authority on spending $120,000 on infrastructure—roadway, sewer, water, curb and utilities—on the Ralph and Irene Miller property. Kuhlman said that if the village is interested in investing in the 17-acre property for development, which has a perspective buyer, the Port Authority would make approximately one percent over the course of the 7-year loan. The roadway and utilities would cost approximately $300 per foot. The property would be annexed after improvements are complete.

During April’s meeting, Board of Public Affairs officer Phil Hilvers explained to council that there was a need to address communications between Water and Sewage Treatment Plant Manager Steve Wittler, Street Supervisor Barry Koester and Chad Knippen.

As requested, council is granting a September meeting with BPA and the Utility Committee—comprised of council members Jerry Markward, Karen Hoersten and Tony Langhals—and employees Knippen and Whittler. Council also discuss Knippen’s interest in acquiring the education and license by taking classes geared for working at the plant.

Mayor Ron Miller said that he would like the Utility Committee to have a meeting with Knippen not present so they can iron out the details. Wannemacher said that Knippen will be starting classes in January.

“We need to determine payment for schooling, pay scale and a contract,” Miller said.

Police Chief Jay Herrick reported that everything went fine with the fireman’s convention and there were no problems. He said that officer Adam Cranning, a part-time employee, resigned last week and will be working for the Sheriff’s Department.

“He is a good guy,” Herrick said. “Can’t blame him for moving on.”

Fire Chief Dan Honigford thanked council and Miller for the use of the town for the fire convention. He said that he received a lot of great comments. “Painting of the firehouse will be done on Monday,” Honigford said. “We need to wire up the main power box.”

Miller said to give the old power boxes to Koester and he can store them if they are ever needed.

Honigford added the next step in remodeling the firehouse will be to paint the restroom walls, stalls and floors.

“I don’t know quite where we are at (with money made during the convention), Honigford said. “Bills are still coming in.”

“Everybody, the community, pulled together for this event, “ Miller said.

Honigford said there were 95 fire departments, which encompassed 585 members, and close to 1,000 people in attendance. The next village council meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on June 24.

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