September 2, 2014

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Thistle, debris landscape Cintas property PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, July 11, 2013 11:57 PM


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DELPHOS —The Cintas Corporation property at the corner of Fifth and Main streets has become an eyesore, according to Delphos City officials. One that greets anyone entering the downtown area from the north side.

Vegetative overgrowth on the property includes towering thistle, volunteer Mulberry trees and an array of other indigenous weeds growing throughout the landscape and at the fence line. In addition to the property being a weed zone, the area of the chain-link fence reported to be caving in is now laying on the ground on top of broken concrete chunks near the sidewalk on Fourth Street.

Delphos Safety Service Director Greg Berquist has said the city has not been quiet about the vacant property but the city has done all it can. The city has been in constant communications over the last year with Cintas’ corporate headquarters in Cincinnati, speaking with the legal and engineering departments to get some resolve.

“Taking them to court costs the city a lot of money and we don’t get the results desired,” Berquist stated. “The bottom line is, the building needs a new roof or it will have to be demolished.”

Berquist has been talking with Cintas representative Levi Starnes in Lima. He has addressed the structural failure of the fence and the weed problems with Starnes.

In a response from the company’s headquarters to the current condition of the property, representative Heather Maley said Cintas has partners in the Delphos area who have been monitoring the property on a regular basis, as well as contractors who have been secured by the company to assist in its maintenance.

Maley also reported that over the past several months, the company has been looking into several options for the property and evaluating which of those options would be the most beneficial to the company and to the city of Delphos.

“Cintas is still in the process of evaluating those options and has not yet made a final decision though we expect to do so soon,” she said.

The fence line surrounding the Cintas property along East Fourth Street is broken and lays right next to the sidewalk. (Delphos Herald/Stephanie Groves)Mayor Michael Gallmeier has also been concerned with the condition of the property. He reported that his office spoke with a Cintas representative in April, who indicated the company will demolish the buildings.

“Even if the buildings are demolished, we still have an empty lot and hopefully we can get something done with it,” he said. “Yes, they are probably in violation of the weed ordinance. We’ll have to make the call and try to get the weeds cleaned up.”

There is a somewhat immediate solution for the weeds.

“If it is not taken care of in 10 days, then we take on the responsibility and charge them $50 to remove the weeds and a $25 administrative fee,” Berquist said.


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