August 22, 2014

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Friday, July 12, 2013 11:39 PM


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DELPHOS — Fifty-five years of serving in the church and Delphos community led to Dr. Earl Morris receiving “The Footprint Award” at Trinity United Methodist Church.


During a church service on June 30, Morris was honored with the award that is given to those dedicated to serving others.


“It was a surprise,” Morris said. “I didn’t think I deserved an award for the activities I had done and helped with because it was a committee or a group who did the work with me.”

Trinity United Methodist Church created The Footprint Award to recognize service and dedication, the Rev. Dave Howell said.

“Throughout his time in Delphos, Dr. Morris has been more than willing to lend a hand and help others,” Howell said. “In the church, he serves in every capacity.”

Morris moved to Delphos with his wife Margie in 1958 to join his brother Dr. Burl Morris, who had already started practicing chiropractics in town.

Right away, Morris started getting involved in the church, first as an assistant superintendent of the Sunday school and then with just about every committee within the church. He worked to become a chairman on those committees as well.

He has done everything from serving as chairman to helper for making noodles to setting up chairs and tables, Howell said.

“He has never not been willing to do what needs to be done,” Howell said.

Outside of the church, Morris is a member of the Rotary Club, where he has worked on the committee for the Music in the Park series and helped clean a section of the highway through the Adopt-A-Highway program for a number of years.

Morris also attended high school football games to assist the chiropractic physician.

Morris likes to be involved in all the activities in which he participate.

“I’m retired,” he said. “It’s not demanding. It’s just something I liked to do when it was going on and a lot of it was a lot of fun.”

The coin Morris received as a token for The Footprint Award has a set of footprints on one side and the other has a brief saying, “Follow the footprints of the Lord. They will lead you through troubled times and brighten your life.”

The footprints on the coin represent the story of Christ walking alongside a man on a beach, Morris explained. As the man turns to look back at the footprints left in the sand, which represent his life, he notices that at times there was only one set of footprints. Christ tells the man that during those times, He had not left him to walk through life on his own, instead He had carried him. It was during those times in his life that the man was down and needed a helping hand.

Morris sees The Footprint Award as a dedication not only to him but also the committees and groups he has worked with throughout the years.

“You can’t accomplish a lot on your own,” Morris said. “You need to depend on others to help make decisions, put on programs and follow through on plans.”

The Footprint Award symbolizes following in the Lord’s footsteps through service and dedication, according to Howell, and anyone can nominate a member of the congregation or community for this award.

“It’s basically an open framework where if someone thinks a person deserves a nomination, they can nominate that person,” Howell said. “There’s no competition, it’s all about recognition.”

Morris’ family and friends came to support him receiving the award during the worship service and stayed for a small reception afterwards.

He does not know who nominated him for the award but Morris said he is thankful to the presenters and all the people who did behind-the-scenes work in order for him to receive it.

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