August 22, 2014

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Friday, July 12, 2013 11:52 PM



I would like to thank Lois McLennan and the entire Delphos Swimming Pool staff that worked the afternoon of July 3, 2013 for their calm, thorough and compassionate response to an incident that injured my son. My son jumped off the diving board at the pool as he has done many, many times this summer but on July 3, he struck his head on the end of the diving board which left a serious cut that required medical attention. The lifeguards and Ms. McLennan immediately responded to the injury in the calmest and most compassionate manner I could have hoped for. They quickly applied ice and pressure to his head and quietly spoke to him which I believe helped reduce any fear and anxiety he might have felt. Ms. McLennan was more than helpful in assisting with my two other children that were also at the pool which allowed me to focus on my son that was injured. The lifeguards are mainly young kids, but on July 3, 2013 they handled a serious situation in a very mature and grown up manner. I would also like to thank the Delphos EMS for their quick response and care in transporting him to St. Rita’s. Our family can’t thank all of you enough, but please know how much we greatly appreciate the care and concern you showed that day.


Chris, Lisa and Alex Herron

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