August 30, 2014

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CEO faces sex offender charges from Spencerville PD PDF Print E-mail
Monday, July 15, 2013 9:46 PM


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SPENCERVILLE— The Spencerville Village Council met in regular session on Monday night in council chambers to discuss an array of matters, including the capture of an online sex offender preying on teenage girls in the village, the state of the water treatment project and the approval of the 2014 tax budget.

Chief Darin Cook reported that an adult male had contacted a 15-year-old female Spencerville resident using Facebook and proceeded to arrange a meeting with her during the week of June 3 at the park at Second and Pearl streets. On June 7, the suspect came back to Spencerville, picked up the 15-year-old and took her to a motel in Celina, where they had sexual relations. After a doctor’s visit by the girl, who was forthcoming about the relationship, the police were notified and began an investigation.

Cook’s investigation included using police officer Amy Geiger as a decoy online — she pretended to be a 14-year-old girl and friends with the 15-year-old victim — to lure the suspect back to Spencerville.

“I told Amy to just get on there (online) and talk with him,” Cook detailed. “He drove up from Dayton in 1 1/2 hours.”

The first arranged meeting between the decoy and the suspect failed due to the storms on July 10 but the second meeting yielded the arrest of Farooq Shah, CEO of Midwest First Star Inc., a franchisee of Hardee's. He has since been booked into the Allen County jail on rape charges and then transferred to the Mercer County jail. The Spencerville police will file a felony case to the Allen County Grand Jury pending the prosecutor’s review.

Mayor John P. Johnson’s discussion turned to the water treatment facility and where the contract stands. The village contracted with Kirk Brothers Company, Inc., who subcontracted H2O Innovation to design and fabricate water tanks for the village. There have been redesign issues which have held up production for months.

Kirk Brothers had been holding payments to H2O Innovation until the tanks are approved by the State of Ohio.

“Kirk Brothers have terminated the contract with H2O,” Johnson stated. “Shawn Chapman, Alan Smith and I have had meetings with Kirk Brothers to discuss the situation.”

During the scheduled Aug. 5 council meeting, Kirk Brothers will give a presentation including options of how the village can proceed.

“There’s been no loss of money,” Johnson assured council.

“H2O backed out of the contract,” Smith stated.

In a decisive vote, members of council unanimously approved the 2014 tax budget.

Council members also approved a variety of ordinances and resolutions, including: Resolution #13-23, opposing the development and construction of wind farms, towers and transmission lines conveying wind-generated electricity through the village of Spencerville; Resolution #13-25, increasing the village income tax by .25 percent and designating it for police department operations; and Resolution #13-26, notifying the Board of Elections of the .25 percent income tax increase for the November ballot.

Johnson addressed the hearing set for July 25 for Dollar General Alcohol Sales permit. The store sits adjacent to school property and selling alcohol from that location is against the law.

“I have not received a confirmation yet from (Dollar General’s) Vice President of Governmental Affairs,” Johnson stated. “They (corporate) may not have known the logistics.”

In the Administrator’s report, written by Chapman and read by Johnson, Chapman reported that so far this year, the village has had 25 water main breaks. Per a cost analysis from a few years ago, the average cost was $1,500 per leak, which means the village has spent close to $37, 500 this year on repairs. Based on this information, Chapman recommends appropriating enough money on an annual basis to replace the existing water lines.

In addition to the water line issues, crews repaired two sinkholes along the south edge of East Fourth Street, east of Wisher Drive in front of United Church of Christ.

Village council will meet at 6:30 p.m. July 22 to discuss financial options on insurance rates and coverages for village employees.

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