September 2, 2014

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Saturday, July 20, 2013 12:05 AM

In 1927, a Whippet automobile set a record in a coast-to-coast trip averaging 43.28 mpg. The Whippet coach cost $625 and was a stock automobile, and they are sold at the Delphos Overland Co.

Delphos Herald,

Feb. 29, 1927


B&O Railroad

Started in 1827

State and Baltimore joined with representatives of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad here today in the celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the charter to the railroad to operate the FIRST general freight and passenger line on this continent.

On Feb. 28, 1827, the state of Maryland authorized a newly organized company to construct a railroad from the city of Baltimore to some point on the Ohio River. This grant was the beginning of railroading on the Western Hemisphere.

The founders of that first railroad project were farseeing enough to realize the value of a rail connection between the sea at Baltimore and the great mid-continental waterways transportation system which they planned to tap at the Ohio River. But the builders of those first railroads could not have dreamed that the United States was to fill the continent from Atlantic to Pacific within less than a century the rapid development of all facilities which were to bring Baltimore almost as near to San Francisco as it was then to Boston.

Delphos Herald,

Feb. 28, 1927


Delphos Lost a Chance

Delphos has let a chance to secure a manufactory slip through her finger, as the following dispatch from Bowling Green will show:

“A company has been formed here to manufacture patent railroad crossings, and a factory will be built in the near future. W.R. Cochran of Delphos is the inventor.

Delphos Herald,

June 17, 1897


Freight Service Between

Delphos and Lima

According to the following, taken from the Lima Gazette, Motor Truck freight service will be established between Delphos and Lima in the near future:

“Automobile freight service between Lima and surrounding towns will be started about Aug. 15, Ira Wagner, president of the Lima Rapid Transfer Co. announced last evening. Four big trucks with trailers will be used in the beginning. Other trucks will be carried to St. Marys, Celina, Ohio City, Wapakoneta, Mendon, Buckland, Cridersville, Spencerville, Delphos, Van Wert and other nearby towns. It will be especially desirable between Delphos and nearby towns if he canal project is successfully carried out here. The large freight barges would then unload merchandise for Lima, Van Wert, and other nearby towns at wharves in Delphos, and it would then be taken by trucks to the merchants and factories of those cities.

Delphos Herald,

July 26, 1919


C.F. Lehmann

Music Store to Move

The work of moving the Lehmann Store into its new location is being completed.

Mr. Lehmann has remodeled the building which he purchased some time back, the old Roth building, and has fitted it up as a convenient and attractive home for the business.

Cases and furnishings which were in use in his old location in the Old National bank building have been installed on the first floor of his building. This room will be used for the sale of musical instruments and for the Giffte Shoppee.

The second floor has been placed in good condition also and will be used in the main as a display room, for in, Mr. Lehmann has remodeled the pianos and other musical instruments.

Steel ceilings have been installed in the rooms on both the first and second floors. A balcony on the first floor adds to the appearance of the room and also to the size of the display space.

Large store rooms are provided at the rear of both floors.

Delphos Herald,

Mar. 21, 1927


Lehmann Ad.

The Sparton Electric Radio

No A batteries to recharge — no B batteries to run down — no troublesome eliminators — just plug into the regular household circuit and enjoy beautiful music and entertainment uninterrupted.

The Sparton 110-AC is truly the ideal that Radio lovers have been longing for. Nothing else to buy — complete with tubes. Beautiful two-tone walnut five tube model with the special Sparton balanced circuit and two dial control.

Come in and see this

Wonderful Radio Today

at C.F. Lehmann’s

Music Store

Delphos Herald,

Mar. 1, 1927


Will Erect New

Building For

Shoe Repairs

Checkles Brothers started work Thursday morning on the moving of their building on North Main street, preparatory to the erection of a new building at this location.

The old building, which was damaged by fire last December, will be moved back and a new building of brick with steel ceiling and fire-proof construction will be constructed.

While the new building is under construction, the firm will continue its business in the old building at the rear of the lot.

Delphos Herald,

Mar. 10, 1927


Delphos Eagles Band

The Delphos Eagles’ band is to present an exceptionally fine appearance when it enters the big parade which will be staged at the convention of the Northwestern Volunteer Firemen’s Association here June 15.

At a meeting of the band held Wednesday night, R.K. Zimmer, Columbus, conferred with the members of the band with regard to new parade uniforms and the band boys decided to raise money for this purpose.

Handsome uniforms of the Hussar Type were selected. They will be blue trimmed with gold. White capes trimmed with black astrakhan and black astrakhan caps with gold tops will complete the uniforms.

On the fronts of the caps will be gold eagles and on the sides will appear the name ‘Delphos’.

The uniforms will probably be worn for the first time at the Fireman’s convention. They will be kept for parade purposes only, the old uniforms being used for other purposes or occasions.

W.G. Point, leader of the band, announced Thursday that he had contracted with the Dixie Jubilee Singers for two concerts to be given on April 18 and 19. These concerts will be held at the Jefferson auditorium.

The proceeds will be put in a fund for the new uniforms.

The Dixie Jubilee Singers were in Delphos recently and sang for the Kiwanis Club. They provided excellent entertainment and the people of Delphos will have a treat in store for them on the dates mentioned.

Delphos Herald,

Mar. 3, 1927


Dog Does Not

Like Suicide

Their dog’s distaste of suicide, or at least to gas as a way to commit suicide was responsible for the rescue alive of an accountant and his wife who attempted to asphyxiate themselves.

Because they wished that their dog should accompany them into the beyond, they had shut their dog up in the house with them and locked windows and doors.

The dog had different views. As soon as the gas became unpleasant, he sought fresh air by jumping through the glass window pane.

Running to the porter, the dog barked until the latter investigated.

The dog’s master and mistress resuscitated and now all three are trying to make the best of life.

Delphos Herald,

Mar. 2, 1927



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