August 20, 2014

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Saturday, August 03, 2013 12:21 AM



Weekly Fish Ohio Fishing Report!


Delaware Lake (Delaware County) - Anglers are catching crappie and catfish at this 1,017-acre lake north of Columbus. Use jigs and minnows around woody cover target water depths of 8-15 feet; begin in deeper water and move shallower as water temperatures cool this fall. Crappie must be 9-plus inches to keep. Channel catfish are plentiful in this lake; try cut bait and shrimp fished on the bottom at night. Largemouth bass can be caught around cover; use buzz baits and plastics.

Hoover Reservoir (Delaware/Franklin counties) - Largemouth bass are being caught on buzz baits in shallow water around shoreline cover, as well as in deeper water on lake points. Channel catfish can be caught using shrimp and cut bait; target the flats in the north basin at night for best results. Saugeye are being caught on the flats in 8-10 feet of water, mostly at dawn and dusk; trolling crank baits or worm harnesses are getting results. 10-HP limit for boats.


Van Wert Reservoirs #1/#2 (Van Wert County) - Located on SR 127 at the south edge of the city of Van Wert, anglers have been having success catching bluegill at the Van Wert reservoirs. Anglers should try fishing 5 to 7 feet deep using wax worms under a bobber. The mornings and evenings have been the best times to fish. At Van Wert #1, try the southeast bank; at Van Wert #2, try along the east bank. Boats are permitted on both; however, no boat ramp is available. Boats must obtain a permit from the city.

Maumee River (Lucas/Wood counties) - Once the river levels stabilize from the recent rains, anglers looking for some smallmouth action should check out around Grange Island near the Route 64 bridge in Waterville and try wading and casting pink, white, or chartreuse twister tails. The best areas are the 4- to 5-foot deep holes. Anglers can access the river from Memorial Park in Waterville. This is part of the Lake Erie fishing district, so a bag limit of 5 and a minimum size of 14 inches apply.


Portage Lakes (Summit County) - Largemouth bass have been active on this busy chain of lakes, with consistent success on finesse worms; try rigging them weightless for shallow water, or on drop-shot rigs for fishing deep weedlines and drop-offs. Crankbaits and wacky rigged Senkos have also been effective. Catfish have been biting well on nightcrawlers, shrimp and cut shad. Bluegill and redear sunfish have been biting well on wax worms in 5-8 feet of water.

LaDue Reservoir (Geauga County) - Anglers continue to do well at this electric-only reservoir. Largemouth bass have been biting both shallow and deep; top-water frogs and buzz baits have been effective around shallow weed beds, while crankbaits and rattle baits have been producing offshore. Catfish continue to bite nightcrawlers; wax/red worms have been producing good numbers of bluegill. Try minnows or chartreuse jigs fished near the bottom around the Route 44 and 422 overpasses for crappie.


Hanging Rock Ponds (Lawrence County) - Bluegill fishing is popular and fun this time of year; use red/wax worms fished near underwater structure at an 8-foot depth. If you’re up for a little bit more of a challenge, anglers searching for largemouth bass can try shad-mimicking crankbaits, plastic worms and buzzbaits fished in the early morning/late evening. For catfish, cut bait or chicken livers fished tight-line should produce some nice catches; these larger fish will tend to be more active in the cooler weather, so take advantage of early-morning/late-night opportunities.

Tycoon Lake (Gallia County) - Decent-sized sunfish can be caught fishing more than two feet deep using red/wax worms below a small bobber. Bass fishing should be best at dawn and dusk using top-water baits; light-colored buzzbaits seem to work best. Plastic worms fished shallow to 8-foot depths can also produce results the rest of the day. Channel cats can be taken from both dams using nightcrawlers and chicken livers, with the best fishing at dusk and after dark.


C. J. Brown Reservoir (Clark County) - Walleye can be taken using crankbaits, jigs with plastic bodies or curly tails, small spinners, live minnows, leaches and nightcrawlers; good curly tail color choices are white, orange, pink, or chartreuse and fish by slowly jigging, trolling or drifting baits in 10- to 15-foot depths. Anglers report that the most successful bait has been silver or gold blade baits. Anglers report walleyes are being caught in the main lake river channel, around structure and over the humps, especially in the very early-morning hours; most are undersized but some legal fish are being caught. Channel catfish are being caught using shad, shrimp, nightcrawlers and chicken livers in the upper end of the lake; fish tight-line or slowly drift the bait along the bottom in 3- to 6-foot depths.

Caesar Creek (Clinton/Greene/Warren counties) - Anglers casting in-line spinners and crankbaits are starting to catch a few muskellunge and having fish follow their baits. Saugeye anglers are catching a few 15- to 18-inchers from 6-15 feet but most are small; troll medium- or deep-diving crankbaits along submerged points or underwater humps, cast or drift with live nightcrawlers on a bottom-bouncing harness rig, or use a lead-head jig tipped with a piece of worm in the early morning and early evening. If you catch a muskie, please report your catch to the Division of Wildlife’s Muskie Angler Log at; this was developed in partnership with the Ohio Muskie Anglers as a resource for these anglers and to support management efforts in Ohio by providing valuable catch data to the DOW. Channel catfish are being caught by shore anglers using nightcrawlers, shrimp and chicken livers tight-lining along the bottom in 5- to 8-foot depths.


Belleville Dam Tail waters - Summer is a great time to catch catfish on the river. Fish in the 10-to 15-pound range have been caught in previous years in this area; minnows, nightcrawlers, chicken livers and cut bait fished on the bottom have been the most popular method. Places along the shoreline and walkways generally yield fish, especially near the dam. Hybrid-striped bass should be excellent; try spoons, top-water, or 1/4-oz. jigs in the tailwater section during the early morning or evening hours.

Clermont County - Anglers are catching channel catfish on cut baits, chicken liver and nightcrawlers fished on the bottom; night-fishing seems to be most successful at the moment.


Regulations to Remember: The daily bag limit for walleye on Ohio waters of Lake Erie is 6 fish per angler; minimum size limit is 15 inches. … The daily bag limit for yellow perch is 30 per angler on all Ohio waters of Lake Erie. … The trout and salmon daily bag limit is 5; minimum size limit is 12 inches. … The black bass (largemouth and smallmouth bass) daily bag limit is 5 per angler; minimum size limit is 14 inches.

Western Basin: Walleye fishing was best over the past week NW of West Sister Island and to a lesser extent SW of Kelleys Island on American Eagle Shoal and just E of South Bass Island. Trollers have been catching fish on worm harnesses or with divers and spoons; drifters are using worm harnesses with bottom-bouncers or are casting mayfly rigs. … Yellow perch fishing was good over the past week. The best areas have been the Toledo water intake, “A” can of the Camp Perry firing range, the dumping grounds E of Marblehead and Kelleys Island shoal; perch-spreaders with shiners fished near the bottom produce the most fish. … Largemouth bass fishing has been good in harbors and nearshore areas around Catawba and Marblehead.

Central Basin: Walleye fishing has been good W of the weather buoy along the Canadian border and in less than 20’ of water nearshore between Huron and Vermilion. Excellent fishing was reported in 70-73’ N of Geneva and in 72-73’ N of Ashtabula; anglers are trolling dipsy-divers, jet-divers and wire-line with yellow, pink, green and orange spoons. … Yellow perch fishing has been good just off the Huron River mouth, off of the condos E of Vermilion. Excellent fishing was reported this past week in 40-48’ N of Gordon Park, in 44’ NW of Wildwood State Park, in 38-43’ N-NW of Fairport Harbor and in 47’ N of Ashtabula; spreaders with shiners fished near the bottom produce the most fish. Shore fishing has been slow due to high winds and rough water. … Smallmouth bass fishing has been excellent in 15-25’ around harbor areas in Cleveland (5-20’ of water), Fairport Harbor, Geneva, Ashtabula and Conneaut using nightcrawlers, soft craws and leeches. … White bass fishing has been slow; best spots to try are East 55th Street and East 72nd Street piers in Cleveland and the long pier in Fairport Harbor. Anglers are using agitators with jigs and small spoons. … The water temperature is 69 degrees off of Toledo and 71 degrees off of Cleveland, according to the nearshore marine forecast. … Anglers are encouraged to always wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device while boating.


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