August 29, 2014

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Reliving the drive-in experience with children PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, August 03, 2013 12:25 AM

My family and I recently went to the drive-in. I hadn’t been there in ages and I wanted to go for myself but I also wanted my kids to have the experience.

I have fond memories of my parents taking my brother and me to the drive-in when we were little, wearing our jammies and sitting in the back seat. The memories are pretty fuzzy, although I know I loved the experience. It was exciting.

The next time I remember going to the drive in was in high school. It was kind of the “place to be.” We went there to hang out and mostly socialize — not so much watch the movies playing. Everyone would park in the back row and we’d all walk around from car to car or truck to truck, seeing who was there, hanging out and talking. Oh, teenagers.

Now that I’m a parent, the drive-in is completely different. We had to pack a lot of “stuff” to go, such as snacks, blankets, chairs for the bed of the truck, stuffed animals, drinks…is that it? Probably not. You get the idea.

Our kids were stoked to go to the drive-in and “watch a movie in the car.” We got there in plenty of time and there were lots of kids playing and running around. Our kids, of course, joined in right away. It was a relief, to be honest, as they hadn’t been the most cooperative that day. They’d run back to the truck every so often for a drink or some snacks, then go back to playing.

Andy and I just tried to get situated and figure out how we’d all fit comfortably in the bed of this truck with the chairs in it. (It didn’t work out wonderfully, by the way.)

We were a little worried the kids wouldn’t stay awake for the movies because they’d had a pretty busy day but I wanted this experience and knew if we kept putting it off, it wouldn’t happen. So we hoped for the best.

As soon as the first movie started, Eleanor, my 4-year-old, threw the loudest, biggest tantrum imaginable. So that was fun. Once we got her quieted down, though, everything went OK. I glanced over at the kids a little over halfway through the first movie and saw they were fast asleep. So was Andy. Oh, well. I tried.

I spent the last part of the movie gazing at the stars, which were amazing. We don’t see them like that living in town.

So the drive-in may not have been a great success but at least now my kids have experienced it. I’m sure it’ll get better as they get older.

As for Andy — he just better bring coffee next time.


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