September 1, 2014

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Jennings council OKs new pump for WWT plant PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, August 21, 2013 12:00 AM


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FORT JENNINGS — Village council discussed many topics during its regular meeting Tuesday night, including approval of purchasing a new wastewater pump, getting estimates on a new tractor, the Second Street reconstruction project and a landline phone scam.

Mayor Jim Smith addressed the failed water pump issue with council and said the village has been running with one pump for a few weeks. Smith said he received two estimates for a new pump — one from Industrial Fluid Management (IFM) and the other from Gorman-Rupp.

“The Barnes pump from IFM is $65 more than the Gorman-Rupp Infinity Series,” he said. “We’ve always had the Gorman-Rupp pumps.”

Smith said Maintenance Supervisor Ted Wrasman researched and made calls to the companies to get information on the two different types of pumps. Wrasman had a difficult time getting answers from the Gorman-Rupp company about its estimate and product information.

“The IFM Barnes pump has been successful,” Smith stated. He recommended going with a pump that has been tested and successful in the field.

After taking into consideration all the pros and cons of the installation — IFM has the equipment (crane) to install the pump — and varying specifications of the pumps, the identical warranty and the difficulty Wrasman had with communicating with the Gorman-Rupp representative, council unanimously agreed to purchase the pump from IFM at the cost of $7625.

Smith asked Wrasman to go ahead and get the pump ordered.

In addition, Wrasman detailed the problems with the failed Gorman-Rupp pump.

“It took in water and may have affected the gear box and the seals are ruined,” Wrasman said. “The thermal switch senses moisture and it stops the pump so the motor isn’t ruined.”

Smith said the EPA recommends an extra pump and said the old pump can be rebuilt so that it becomes a spare. Council approved taking the pump to a testing/repair facility in Norwalk.

During the Maintenance Report, Smith discussed the village’s tractor, which has had some mechanical issues in the past. Currently, the tractor has 900 hours logged on it and it is close to 3 years old.

“Should we stay with that model?” he asked Wrasman. “I’d add a rear remote, which is a hydraulic valve on the back, so I could hook cycle mowing onto it to cut weeds at the river, etc.”

“Go ahead and get prices,” Smith said. “The purchase will be through The Cooperative Purchasing Program.”

The Cooperative Purchasing Program offers Ohio counties, townships, municipalities, school districts, public libraries, regional park districts and other political subdivisions the benefits and cost savings of buying goods and services through state contracts.

In mid-July, the village received four bids on the Second Street reconstruction project and the winning bid of $30,976 came from Ward Construction Co. of West Liberty. Smith said work will begin soon to meet the Sept. 23 completion deadline. He said it would be important to keep everyone in the loop regarding traffic movement.

“It should be a three- or four-day project,” Smith said. “There may be issues with the bank being open.”

In the Police Committee Report, councilman Greg Brown reported Fort Fest went smoothly with just a couple underage individuals caught with alcohol. In addition, Brown reported there was a landline phone scam with people calling and saying they were a phone company asking for Social Security numbers.

Council members also passed a resolution to accept the 2013-14 budget.

Smith asked Park Board member Derek Kaverman about the ongoing work on the park sewer line.

“We ran the conduit from the lift station to the park,” Kaverman reported. “We’ll extend the sewer line and hook up the Recreation Club.”

Council also discussed the new park restroom facility which is close to completion.

“The exterior is done and the interior is almost complete,” Smith stated. “Then it will be connected (to the sewer line).”

Smith said the Lions Club is really happy with the new facility and they just need a little more money to finish.

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