September 2, 2014

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Klir deems Fort Fest 'a wonderful promotion of local history' PDF Print E-mail
Friday, August 30, 2013 12:00 AM


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DELPHOS—The Village of Fort Jennings honored American history with an event full of exploration of the past, patriotic pride and a celebration of what the village has become.

Memorial Hall Coordinator Dr. Wesley Klir said that Fort Fest was a wonderful promotion of local history and an excellent showcasing by re-enactors.

“It was contagious, sharing and educational experience and celebrating what Fort Jennings has become,” Klir said excitedly.

Klir said the Carriage Horse Ride was a big success. The displays in Memorial Hall drew a huge attendance with almost 400 visitors signing the guest registry.

“One person, a young man, made a comment when leaving the displays,” Klir reiterated the young man’s quote. “I have never been more proud to be part of this community.”

Klir’s shared his sentiments with the patron.

“They walk among us quietly,” he said with pride, “those who have made such a great impact.”

For those who visited the Ohio MIA/POW displays at Memorial Hall and the “Eyes of Freedom” display at the Fire Station, some attendees indicated they never realized what they [soldiers] went though.

“People gained a greater understanding for what great fortitude being a soldier was,” Klir stated.

In addition, Mayor Jim Smith and village council members want to thank all the Fort Jennings Park Board Members who made Fort Fest a huge success. Included is Board President Jerry Siefker; Vice President Derek Kaverman; Secretary Jan Klausing; Chris Nichols; Diana Osting; Greg Metzger; Jake Berelsman; Jason Dickman; Katie Etgen; Kari Amstutz; Missy Young; Monica Bruskotter; Nate Wannemacher; Scott Aldrich; and Tim Fitzpatrick. They would also like to extend special thanks to Encampment Coordinator Julia Wiley and Memorial Hall Coordinator Dr. Wes Klir.


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