July 31, 2014

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Community weight loss: 600 pounds and counting PDF Print E-mail
Friday, September 06, 2013 12:00 AM


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DELPHOS — PEAK’s Community Weight Loss Challenge is rounding the corner and in the home stretch with a little more than two weeks to go before tallying up the losses and declaring the winners during Canal Days Saturday.

Peak Community Wellness Office Manager Kelly Stevenson reported that the total number of weight lost by the 22 teams since the beginning of the Challenge is 600 pounds. On an individual level, the largest weight loss to date is 30 pounds.

“We have people losing 1-to-5 percent body fat in one month,” Stevenson said excitedly. “The highest percentage of weight loss, which is first place, stands at 11 percent.”

Stevenson said the first place team has lost a total of 63 pound;, second place, 49.6 pounds; and third place, 49.2 pounds. Many Challenge participants say they will continue with their weight loss after the event is over.

“We have signed up 10 members to the Thin & Healthy Program that we offer here,” Stevenson said. “Others are doing their own thing.”

Stevenson said some reasons people desire to lose weight are for better health, more energy and a wish to be a smaller size. Most of the obstacles for anyone trying to lose weight are personal and family issues.

“We all have bad habits that are hard to change but motivation is the biggest killer for everyone trying to lose weight,” Stevenson said. “That is why our program Thin & Healthy is the best for weight loss. Motivation is the biggest part of our program.”

Trainers working with the Challenge participants say those who are coming in and doing the movement side of the program have shown to have the most progress with their weight loss.

At this time, participants in the Challenge all have a free memberships.

Stevenson said the top two challengers have lost 24 and 30 pounds total. Combined, they are down over 55 inches and have lost over 5% body fat.

“Both are following the Thin & Healthy phases we have laid out for them and are exercising regularly,” she said.

They both say that they have more energy and feel better overall.

“We still have two weigh-ins to go and I’m sure there will be many more inches and pounds lost,” Stevenson said.

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