September 2, 2014

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Elida concerned with loss of more state money PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, September 11, 2013 12:03 AM


Herald Correspondent

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ELIDA — The Elida Village Council meeting on Tuesday evening began with two distinct topics.

Mayor Ron Klopfenstein talked about House Bill 5 that is now pending in the Ohio Legislature. “I spoke with a group of mayors in Ohio and they are very concerned about this House Bill 5,” Mayor Klopfenstein said. The mayor explained the current House Bill contains a new provision dealing with “pass-through entities.”

“This provision allows an owner or partner in a business who receives profits from the business and owes tax to the municipality where the business is located, that owner or partner would have no tax obligation to his or her community of residence,” he explained. “The positive aspect will create uniformity in tax forms, processes and filing dates. The negative, the State of Ohio has already significantly reduced our general fund revenues by repealing estate taxes, major reductions in the local government funds and the elimination of personal property tax. Local governments cannot withstand further revenue loss.”

In the next two years, local governments will see a reduction of $720 million in funding from state sources. The total reduction amounts to $1.5 billion for the fiscal years 2010 through 2015.

“We strongly urge the rejection of this provision which will reduce the amount of income tax collected and jeopardize the stability of our General Fund,” Klopfenstein said. He requested all council members read the letters concerning the “pass-through entities” and if they agreed, to please sign and send to Governor John Kasich, Speaker of the House William G. Batchelder, Representative Peter Beck, Representative Matt Huffman and State Senator Keith Fabor.

The second topic of discussion was a letter from the Ohio Department of Transportation concerning the Project Safe Routes, a grant from the state. Scott Fessler read a list of what the project would entail:

• Replacing missing sidewalks at the south side of Sunnydale between Baxter and Howard streets;

• Replacing missing sections of sidewalk at Pioneer Road from Elida Road to North Street;

• Improving crosswalk markings on Pioneer Road in front of Elida Elementary School;

• Installing crosswalk pavement markings on the west leg of Elida and Pioneer roads intersection;

• Upgrading traffic signal at Elida and Pioneer Roads;

• Improving curb ramps, signs and pavement markings within project limits; and

• Installing bike racks at the Elida Elementary and Middle School. This project would start in 2015. “The Elida Board of Education will need to review the Project Safe Routes, due to the fact they will be responsible for maintenance within a 20- year time frame,” Village Fiscal Officer Janet Bonifas said. The council will contact the Elida Board of Education so they can review the details of Project Safe Routes. Bonifas said she believes they will need a special meeting once the Elida Board of Education discusses and votes on approval.

The next village council meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Sept. 24.


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