August 20, 2014

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Park waiting on electric, hydrants for completion PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, September 18, 2013 12:25 AM


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FORT JENNINGS — Village council held its regular monthly meeting Tuesday night and discussed the ongoing park improvements including the trenching of electric lines from the tennis courts to the pump and new fire hydrants.

Mayor Jim Smith said that nothing can be done yet with the electric until the new pump is installed, which should happen in the near future.

At this time, the village is looking for quotes to finish up the remaining electrical work.

Maintenance Supervisor Ted Wrasman spoke on the new fire hydrants that will be installed in the park soon.

“We won’t have to blow the lines,” Wrasman said. “The plumbing drains itself, at least that’s the plan.”

Since the park shuts off the water to the park facilities, there are no Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tests from Nov. 1 through April 1.

Smith reported that the new restroom facility is basically done.

Park Board President Jerry Siefker said the crew working at the park has not announced a completion date yet.

“They have a few things to wrap up,” Siefker added.

Siefker announced the outcome of the Park Board elections where Kari Amstutz was voted in the new vice president and Katie Etgen won the secretary position. In addition, the park board has acquired two new members and three members have resigned.

During August’s meeting, Smith addressed the failed water pump issue with council, who discussed and approved the purchase of a new Barnes Pump at a cost of $7,625. Smith said the EPA recommends an extra pump and council agreed the old pump may be rebuilt so that it would become a spare. Council approved taking the pump to a testing/repair facility in Norwalk.

After inspection of the failed pump by Bennet Electric in Norwalk, the estimate to repair the old pump would cost $4,000 — welding, bearings, etc. — and not feasible for a piece of equipment that is almost obsolete.

Smith thought the village could hold off buying a back- up pump and resort to using an existing Diesel pump or borrowing a back up from another community in case of an emergency. Council also agreed to let Bennet keep the old pump for parts and recycling.

During the Maintenance Report in August, Smith discussed the village’s tractor, which has had some mechanical issues in the past. Smith asked Wrasman to get quotes which have been slow to get into the village’s hands. Currently, Northwest Tractor and Kennedy Coon have sent quotes and the costs don’t match up. Council will look for tractor quotes during the next council meeting.

“I would like to get quotes on John Deere 4320, 4520 and the 4720,” Smith said. “The biggest difference is the horsepower, which steps up with each model.”

Council member Walt Pitney said that they should look at the boom lifting capacity.

Smith said the purchase will be through The Cooperative Purchasing Program which offers Ohio counties, townships, municipalities, school districts, public libraries, regional park districts and other political subdivisions the benefits and cost savings of buying goods and services through state contracts.

In addition, new tractor emissions standards will be coming into effect in the near future and Smith would like to purchase a tractor before the new standards take effect.

In the Police Committee Report, councilman Greg Brown reported that a resident has been refusing to pay a water bill and although the resident reports he is moving, the property is still in his name and he is responsible for the bill. Police Chief Ethyl Vaughn said that she has hand delivered the water bill to the resident explaining that they have to pay the water bill until they sell the property. The resident has also been cited for junk cars.

In addition, Vaughn said she is gearing up for the Pumpkin Patch.

“It’s 18 years old and needs painting,” Vaughn detailed.

Council also set Trick or Treat night, which will be held from 6-7:30 pm on October 25.

Smith spoke on the 2nd Street reconstruction which will be completed after the old bank is gone.

“Once Ward’s fills in the basement of the old bank, the parking lot will be finished at the new bank and then the paving on 2nd Street will be completed,” Smith said.

In the maintenance report, Smith asked Wrasman to call Delphos Tent and Awning to fill in the remaining tent stake holes in Water Street from the Fort Fest celebration. Smith thought it might cost $60 - $75 to have them filled in.

Council discussed purchasing new stop signs.

“If we buy through the county, we can get a complete sign for $25,” Wrasman said.

“Get them from the county as we need them,” Smith said. “Costs of the sticker signs are as much as the metal street signs.”

In the Minutes/Treasurer’s Report, council approved the minutes from last month’s meeting and approved paying $48,864 in bills.

The next Village council meeting will be held in the Library at 7:30 pm on October 15.


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