September 2, 2014

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Saturday, September 28, 2013 12:00 AM

In the first two chapters of the Dienstberger Family, you were introduced to the Dienstberger Foundation, founded by Arnold Dienstberger, in memory of his wife, Emma. Next came Jacob, the immigrant ancestor of all the Dienstbergers in Delphos

Jacob arrived in America in 1850 and moved to Delphos in 1851, where he married Caroline Gessner. They had four children: Charles, Christopher, Amelia and Mary.

The parents of Jacob were Lorenz (Lawrence) and Johanna (Schalk) Dienstberger.

Two of Jacob’s siblings, Gertrude and Nicholas, came to America and settled in Connecticut. Their brother, Johan Baptist (born 1819), remained in Germany.

Just in recent years, the descendants of Johan Baptist got in touch with Paul Roger Dienstberger of Ashland. Paul told how they found each other: “Our touch with John’s family in Laushein, Germany, was through the Internet. Marcus (born 1986) was in junior high and found my book online. He contacted us and asked if we were related. We said, ‘Yes, through Lawrence’. His brother Clemens (born 24 April 1983) has visited us twice in Ashland: in September 2007 and June 2011, with his wife Lucia. In 2008, our grandson Tyson was in France for an Ohio University class. He took a side trip to Germany and visited that family in Laushein. Clemens and I are in the same fifth generation and have the same birthdays, just 43 years apart in age! We just checked the war and the birth dates to understand the gap.”

Paul Roger sent me a family chart with photographs. The first generation of Dienstbergers (the children of Lawrence and Caroline) were: Gertrude (1817 – 1904), who married Phillips Ante; Jacob (1831 – 1904), who married Caroline Gessner; Nicholas (1822 – 1905) and Johann (born 1819), who remained in Germany.

The second generation (the children of Jacob and Caroline Gessner Dienstberger) were: Charles, 1854 – 1935, who married Rosina Wiedemann, 1857 – 1941; Christopher, 1863 or 1864 – 1911, who married Catherine Phlospher, 1866 – 1936; Amelia, 1857 - 1928, who married Tobias Foster, 1850 – 1927; and Mary, 1861 – 1950, who married Henry Jettinghoff, 1858 – 1950. Charles and Rosina were parents of Cedelia, William, Arnold and Carl.

The third generation (children of Charles and Rosina Wiedemann Dienstberger) included: Cedelia, 1882 – 1966, who married A. O. Smith; William C., 1886 – 1971, who married Zoe Dill, 1888 – 1968; Arnold, 1891 – 1980, who married Emma Bucholtz, 1886 – 1963; and Carl, 1900 – 1984, who married Mollie Smith, 1901 – 1973. The third generation also included the children of Christopher (sometimes called Christian) and Catherine Phlospher, 1866-1936. They were Jacob Joseph, 1883 – 1968, who married Anna Hirn; Nora, 1885, who married T. W. Olson; Nicholas, 1887 – 1957, who married Dorothy Leiptine; Amelia, 1890, who married Edward Alexander; Myra, 1891, who married Fabius Reed; Ethel, 1894, who married Lloyd Foley; and Herman, 1903 – 1984, who married Theresia Allmeir, 1924.

The fourth generation included: Carl Owen Smith (son of Cedelia and A. O. Smith); Carl Dienstberger Jr., 1932; and Sally Ann, 1935, (children of Carl and Mollie Smith Dienstberger). The children of William C., 1886 – 1971, and Zoe Dill, 1888-1968, were: Evelyn, 1908-2002, who married Edmund Wade, 1896; Paul Arnold, 1912-1982, who married Dolores Marie Wegesin, 1915 – 1999; Donald Boyer, 1910 – 2006, who married Margaret Prince; and Robert, 1914 – 2006, who married Donna Workman (and divorced), later Bob married Doris Keller, 1926 – 2013. Bob and Doris were able to spend 52 years together.

The children of Jacob Joseph and Anna Hirn were also members of the fourth generation. They are: Cletus, who lived in Michigan; Merle, who lived in North Carolina; Leslie “Les”, living in Delphos: LaDonna, married to Albert Guley, lived in California; Martha, who married John Bishop; and Irma, age 90, who lives in Tennessee. Les hopes to get to Tennessee to visit his sister before the snow flies.

Since I started the Dienstberger Story in late July, two leaves have fallen from the family tree. They are Doris Keller Dienstberger, 87, widow of Bob Dienstberger, who died in 2006; and Dr. Richard Hurt, husband of Sally Dienstberger, who passed away during this year of 2013.

The next chapter will start with the fifth generation and will include personal stories of the members of the Dienstberger clan. The fifth, sixth and seventh generations, etc. includes many descendants of Paul and Dolores Dienstberger and Bob Dienstberger. This list is not complete but most of them live in Delphos. Any information on these family members will be appreciated.


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