August 28, 2014

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On the Other Hand - Bunnies on the brain PDF Print
Sunday, September 29, 2013 12:00 AM

If you’ve met our Little Ringo, the first thing you may notice is his relentless attention to whatever it is that has caught his attention at the time. He has a one-track mind.

Our neighbor girl recently brought home three rabbits for her FFA SAE project and her dad built the hutch for the little furry bundles.

Ringo watched this process carefully. By carefully, I mean he would see neighbor Dave working and he would try to help and when he was scolded for getting in the way, he would back up and sit down, refusing to move — and watch.

He met Rain, Storm and Tornado when they were still living in their carriers. Noses touched and there was sniffing aplenty.

The bunnies didn’t seem to mind and were almost as curious as Ringo — almost.

Since their new hutch has been completed, Ringo races to Dave’s yard and peeks around the corner to see if anyone is tending to his friends or if the door to the hutch is open.

Rain is in the bottom cage and the only one Ringo can easily reach. They touch noses as if they are long-lost friends.

You might say this has become an obsession for Ringo. In the past, the first task on his mind had been to water something. Now, it’s to get to his friend Rain.

When they see each other, Ringo will look back at me as if to say, “Mom, look at her! She’s so soft and warm and smells good!”

I’m hoping he doesn’t think “she smells good” like a cheeseburger smells good and he’s never heard the phrase, “Tastes like chicken!”

My husband and I have also visited the hutch next door and are enamored as well. Who doesn’t like soft, warm bunnies with twitching noses? No one, I tell you. Well, there may be a few but they are suspect in my book.

My siblings had rabbits when I was growing up. We had a hutch just off the back porch. I can remember my brother feeding them carrots. One afternoon, he must have just started feeding them and he asked if I wanted to pet one. Of course I did. I stuck my finger through the cage hoping to feel soft fur and instead, got a nip for my troubles.

And then the bunnies were gone. I’m a little fuzzy on the details and I’m hoping the novelty wore off and they went to another home.

My brother teased me for years (and still does) that because the rabbit bit me, my dad was angry and we ate them. What?!? I sure hope that isn’t true. I’m calling my mom to see what’s up with that story. If it’s not true, he’s going to be in big trouble!

Anywho, I have a feeling the bunnies next door are going to be a diversion for all us. I can’t wait for baby bunnies this spring. Who doesn’t love baby bunnies?


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