August 28, 2014

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Saturday, October 12, 2013 12:33 AM


I am writing this letter to support the Emergency Services for the City of Delphos.

In lieu of recent events, it is my understanding the City of Delphos is nearly eliminating the Fire Department and significantly reducing the Police Department in an effort to reduce expenses. Let’s ask ourselves, is this prudent?

Where is the prioritization? One must distinguish from what is needed and what is wanted in the City of Delphos.

I would think almost certainly life safety would be at the very top of the lists as a necessity but sadly, it does not seem to be so.

I agree one must balance a budget. If necessary, cut costs and implement change but at what cost?

Sometimes whirlwind cuts can leave a community without sufficient resources to respond to emergency calls safely and effectively. The events that have taken place seem to be a situation of planning resources to budget rather than budgeting to the proper plan. So often cuts to precious resources are made without understanding the adverse impact to the community.

Without the proper staffing of the fire department, response time, without question, will be compromised. Your full-time firefighters are your first responders. In any emergency situation, a full-time firefighter is leaving the station within 15-30 seconds of receiving that call and typically arriving within three-five minutes to the scene. Therefore, to save lives and limit property damage, firefighters must arrive at the right time with the adequate resources to do the job.

Without your first responders, you will have to wait. Volunteers will have to drive from their homes to the station and then to the scene. Keep this in mind: 1) A typical house fire doubles in size every 60 seconds. 2) In a cardiac arrest, there is a six-minute window of opportunity to intervene. Without intervention in a timely manner, irreversible brain damage will ensue. 3) In victims of trauma where blood loss is significant, this will escalate to a point of irreparable damage.

Ask yourself, do you want to wait and wait some more in an emergency situation when it’s your loved one? I know everyone thinks, “it won’t happen to me.” What if it does?

There is also the issue of your ISO rating. A reduction in resources may affect the ISO classification and in turn, possibly change the insurance rates for residential and commercial property in the community. Decision-makers need to understand the overall effect of resource-reduction decisions before making them.

More often than not, we take the fire, police and EMS for granted. They work long hours, nights, weekends, holidays and miss many family functions to protect our lives. God bless the men and women on our fire departments, police departments and EMS who protect our lives and property through preparedness, prevention, public education and emergency response with quality service, efficiency, effectiveness and safety.

Dawn Pohlman



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