September 1, 2014

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Friday, August 06, 2010 10:08 AM

Driver causes crash while changing lanes

At 1:23 on Thursday, a collision occurred when the driver of one vehicle struck a second vehicle while attempting to merge into another lane.
Murray Cohen, 80, of Delphos, was headed eastbound in the outside lane of West Fifth Street, approaching the intersection of North Canal Street, when Carrie McPheron, 31, of Lima, who was traveling eastbound in the inside lane, attempted to merge into the outside lane. McPheron failed to see Cohen and struck his vehicle in the driver’s side.
There were no injuries and moderate damage to both vehicles.
McPheron was cited for a marked lane violation.


Driver pulls into roadway, strikes vehicle

At 2:10 on Thursday, an accident occurred when the driver of one vehicle pulled out into a roadway and struck a second vehicle.
Francis Martin, 65, of Ottawa, was headed northbound on Moening Street when Margaret Mowery, 58, of Fort Jennings, pulled out from her parking spot at the roadside in front of 536 Moening Street, striking the right front of Martin’s van.
There were no injuries and minor damage to both vehicles.
Mowery was cited for failure to yield when entering a roadway.


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