August 29, 2014

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Friday, November 22, 2013 9:09 PM

I KNEW I should have taken USC last week — didn’t I write that? Yes I did!

Plus, the officials missed all kinds of illegal procedures on Michigan’s tying field goal versus Northwestern, thus cheating me out of another successful pick!


Anywho, four of us had pretty good weeks — should have been better (grumble, grumble, grumble)!

Regular Bob Weber had the best at 9-3 (4-2 college, 5-1 pros) to extend his strong mark to 83-49 — 46-20 and 37-29).

I, regular Bob Boninsegna and guest picker Charlie Warnimont each went 8-4: I and Charlie went 4-2 and 4-2 and Dave 5-1, 3-3.

That improves me to 75-57 (39-27, 36-30) and Dave to 72-59 (39-26, 33-33).

With with second GP Brian Bassett going 3-9 (3-3, 0-6), the GPs are now a combined 131-107 (68-51, 63-56)

Brian returns this week and Herald Correspondent Erin Cox is pinch-hitting for Charlie this week (family emergency).

Dave did not get his picks in on time for the paper but he did for the wire. Enjoy.

Here are the Games:

College: Missouri at Ole Miss; Baylor at Oklahoma State; Arizona State at UCLA; Wisconsin at Minnesota; Texas A&M at LSU; Brigham Young at Notre Dame.

NFL: Minnesota at Green Bay; Pittsburgh at Cleveland; Denver at New England; Dallas at NY Giants; Indianapolis at Arizona; Chicago at St. Louis.




OLE MISS: Ole Miss needs a signature win to tell people “I am here.” This is it, especially at home. It won’t be easy since Mizzou is getting Mr. Franklin back but it never is.

OKLAHOMA STATE: Maybe this is a heart pick (a Buckeye fan) but Cowboys are more than capable at home.

UCLA: Pasadena is rocking again and it ain’t the Rose Bowl! Bruins take another step to their full-blown comeback. It seems like desert teams struggle when they go on the road, while So-Cal teams are much better at home.

WISCONSIN: Midwest weather is hitting us hard. The 3-headed tailback monster in Madison is too much for Gophers. How much is the debacle in the desert costing Badgers AND Buckeyes in BCS?

TEXAS A&M: LSU defense is talented but not quite there, as evidenced by beatdown by Alabama — maybe not so surprising — and earlier loss to Ole Miss. Not good against a very motivated Johnny Football. Should be a shoot-out but this is not the LSU team of the last few years.

NOTRE DAME: Simply because this is in South Bend, I give the edge to Fighting Irish, especially if they can avoid turnovers. This is not your dad’s Lavell Edwards Cougars that could throw the ball all over the place.


GREEN BAY: Has Packers defense had to be better without Mr. Rodgers in the neighborhood? Yes. They are. Are Vikings much more than All-Day Peterson on offense? Not! Plus, Packers are just better on the frozen tundra ... Ah, you know!

CLEVELAND: Steelers have owned this rivalry lately but Browns had have some recent success. Methinks the Browns get a close win on the lake. The Bengals’ loss has to have left a bad taste in their mouth and this is not the Blitzburgh defense of yore.

DENVER: Patriots should be livid after that ridiculous non-call in the Monday-Nighter. However, the Pats defense is too beat-up against high-powered Broncs.

NY GIANTS: G-Men making a late run to the playoffs. Jerry Jones is giving his “boy” — Jason Garrett — a “vote of confidence.” Speaks volumes about the state of mind of the G-Men right now and the circus that Big D has become.

ARIZONA: A dome team like Colts heading to the desert. Good luck, Luck! In this day and age of either parity, mediocrity or just plain inconsistency, home ain’t a bad place to be.

CHICAGO: Which Rams’ team will show up? The one that should have beaten Seahawks a couple weeks ago or the one that didn’t show up the next week? I think the latter. I think a better-than-expected Bears’ team will show; they are better with McCown because Cutler can’t figure out how not to be his own worst enemy.




Missouri: Missouri was on quite a roll before losing to South Carolina, then won two in a row and are back on track again. Mizzou wins and makes it three in a row.

Oklahoma State: OSU fans (Ohio State) are going to be rooting like crazy for the other OSU. This could be the upset special..I will take OSU.

Arizona State: If Arizona State is to have any chance at playing in the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day, it will likely need to win in Pasadena this weekend. The 19th-ranked Sun Devils can clinch the Pac-12 South Division with a victory over No. 14 UCLA on Saturday. The Sun Devils have a 1-game lead in the race and increase that this week.

Wisconsin: Wisconsin has held six opponents to their lowest scoring output of the season. That mark included Saturday’s 51-3 win over Indiana to give the program at least eight wins for the fifth straight season. They get the Big 10 win over Minnesota.

Texas A&M: The ninth-ranked Aggies’ visit to Death Valley on Saturday will feature two of the top quarterbacks in the Southeastern Conference, as well as some of college football’s best receivers and running backs -- seemingly all the needed ingredients of a high-scoring affair. LSU has fallen off the table after the loss to Alabama; I am going to go with the Aggies to get the win.

Notre Dame: I am going to go with the Irish here; they seem to find a way.


Green Bay: When they faced the Minnesota Vikings last month, the Green Bay Packers had Aaron Rodgers to help them pull away for a fourth straight win. With Rodgers out because of a broken collarbone, the Packers have lost three straight since that victory and rookie Scott Tolzien is expected to start again for Sunday’s rematch with the visiting Vikings. I still like the Packers in this game.

Pittsburgh: As much as I hate to pick them, I have to go with the Steelers. They seem to be getting it together.

Denver: Peyton vs Brady..I am taking Peyton.

NY Giants: After losing their first six, the Giants are making a move. Although they lost to the Cowboys in week one, the Giants take the rematch.

Arizona: Arizona has won three straight games, that giving them momentum in this game. I am taking Arizona to get the win.

Chicago: Josh McCown looks to go 3-0 as a starter for the visiting Bears as they try for a fifth consecutive victory over the Rams on Sunday. I think he makes it four in a row as the Bears beat the Rams.

BTW: The 101st Grey Cup is this Sunday and despite my Argonauts losing last week to the Hamilton Tiger Cats, I will still tune it in…Hamilton takes on Saskatchewan… I am taking the Roughriders (Editor’s Note: Dave thinks he’s Canadian, eh?).




OLE MISS – Rebels have been playing pretty good lately and have played some really good teams close and just last month beat LSU.

OKLAHOMA STATE – The Bears are awesome but I need the Cowboys to knock off the Bears so they don’t climb over the Bucks.

ARIZONA STATE – Sun Devils pull off the upset over the Bruins.

WISCONSIN – The Badgers are simply the better overall team. Paul Bunyan ax goes home to Wisconsin.

LSU – “Johnny Football’s” visit to Death Valley Saturday will be a very long night and I think this will make or break his Heisman hopes.

BYU – The Cougars will put another loss on the Irish, sending them to the Poinsettia or Cracker Barrel Bowl.


GREEN BAY – Two teams going nowhere this year. Going with the Pack at home.

CLEVELAND – Do I pick this game with my heart or my brain? Do I side with the Mrs. and her beloved Steelers, or go with a team that stunk against the Bengals? If this game was offense vs. Offense, I would pick the Steelers hands down; however, defense vs. defense is where the Browns will win the game and I hope Big Ben survives.

NEW ENGLAND – Peyton vs. Brady? It sounds like the weather could be really nasty for this game – I want Peyton to win but going with the Patriots.

NY GIANTS – The Giants are simply playing better right now.

ARIZONA – No great logic here with this pick, just going on a hunch!!

CHICAGO – The Bears! I think I’m undefeated picking them this year. Well – that statement just jinxed me (Editor’s Note: You are now doomed!)!!




Ole Miss - Going with the home team advantage on this one to continue their winning streak. The teams both can move the ball but Ole Miss has proven they can take down the best at home.

Baylor - Baylor has been playing strong and I don’t think they’ll falter under pressure. Plus, I’m not a fan of orange, so I couldn’t pick Oklahoma State.

UCLA - I really like blue. That’s my favorite color (EN: That’s my girl!!!).

Minnesota - I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of Minnesota before but they’re the Golden Gophers and that’s just awesome.

LSU - They’re defense has allowed less points so they can stop Johnny.

Brigham Young - Just pulling names out of a hat now. College football isn’t my forte.


Minnesota - The Packers are nothing without Aaron Rodgers. It’s just a downward slope from here.

Cleveland - The Browns like to throw a few wins in there to surprise us. I think they’ll do it this week. They were embarrassed last week by the Bengals so they need to recover.

Denver - I love Peyton and I do not like Tom Brady or the Patriots — ever.

Dallas - If my ‘Boys lose this one, football season for me might be over with.

Indianapolis - I’m going with Luck on this one.

Chicago - McCown has proven that he can play well in Cutler’s spot but I’m sure he wants to prove that he deserves it as his own, so he’ll be fighting hard for this win.




Ole Miss: Going out on a limb here, especially with James Franklin coming back to Missouri, but something has been off about Missouri to me this season. Plus Ole Miss has the talent to stick with the Tigers.

Oklahoma State: Maybe wishful thinking here but Baylor still hasn’t really played anyone other than a sub-par Oklahoma team. Oklahoma State is far and away the best team Baylor will have played this season and I think it will be an eye-opening experience for the Bears. I’m taking the Cowboys, big.

Arizona State: I think the Sun Devils are sneaky good this year and only getting better. UCLA is a solid team with a good quarterback but I think Arizona State will use this as its coming-out party.

Wisconsin: The Gophers have put a very solid string of games together but it will come to an end Saturday with a loss to the Badgers, who are a lot better than people give them credit for.

Texas A&M: Only because Johnny Manziel is underrated as a quarterback, seriously.

Brigham Young: Two of my least favorite teams in the entire NCAA going at it. But I’ve said it before, I will never pick Notre Dame because of my intense hatred for the Irish. BYU!


Minnesota: We all saw how terrible the Packers are without Aaron Rodgers against the Giants last week. The Vikings don’t have a quarterback either but they have Adrian Peterson, so I’ll side with them.

Cleveland: If my Browns are going to get the Steelers, this will be the year. The Steelers are probably going to win this game but I just don’t feel right picking them.

Denver: The Patriots are too busy crying about the no-call Monday, that they probably haven’t even realized they have Peyton Manning coming to town Sunday.

Giants: Purely coin toss for me but picking against Tony Romo just feels right.

Colts: Somehow they find ways to grip wins from the jaws of defeat. Probably will be much of the same against the underrated Cardinals.

St. Louis: The Bears are seemingly falling apart and with Cutler out, I like the Rams.


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