August 23, 2014

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Friday, December 27, 2013 9:00 PM



Shine. Sparkle. The Christmas and New Years’s holidays emulate both words. There’s no more sparkly, glittery, shiny time of the year than now. Around the Thrift Shop, those same two words can be used to describe both Alice Williams and Nora Gerdemann, who recently left us to shine and sparkle in heaven with the Lord.

The former treasurer and member of the Board of Directors for many years, Alice truly did shine and sparkle with anticipation in helping develop programs for those in need in our community. She was devoted in her mission to help bring a little joy and comfort to families and individuals who were burdened and struggling.

Nora was a faithful volunteer who, even with her aching, hurting feet, gave willingly of her time to run a cash register or to help in any way she could. The dictionary also gives other descriptions of shine; one being: To distinguish oneself in an activity or a field; to excel. When I looked up sparkle, it read: to be brilliant in performance; to shine. Thanks for a job well done, ladies. We will remember, miss and think of you often.

How ironic is it that as I left the Thrift Shop after my shift was over this evening, my foot kicked up a flat, little metal ornament out in the alley? In the dark, I couldn’t see what it was but I was compelled to pick it up and I carried it to the car to look at it. Honestly, here is what it read: “I do not cease to give thanks for you as I remember you in my prayers.” Ephesians 1:16.

Speaking of shine and sparkle, there were many glittering and sparkling tops and dresses on the racks this evening. We anticipate keeping them out and will be bringing out even more beautiful dresses since the prom and bridal season will be getting into full steam very soon. In fact, the board is working on presenting a Prom and Bridal Showcase on Feb. 16, so be sure to mark your calendars. More details are being ironed out as to the exact time and place of the show. Private fitting rooms will be accessible and dresses will be available for purchase that day.

If you have prom or wedding apparel that you’d like to donate, we will be most appreciative of your donation. Shoes, jewelry, shawls and purses to complete the outfit will be most welcome as well. You can even ask for a receipt (for income tax purposes) for your donation. Rather than cramming, jamming and stuffing your dress in the drop off window, please know that someone is almost always near the back door to receive in those beautiful, poofy dresses or any donation you may want to drop off Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-noon. If you prefer, you can even call ahead at 419-692-2942 to arrange a time for the drop off.

The board members want to extend a very special thank you to the Arnold C. Dienstberger Foundation for their recent generous donation to the Thrift Shop. We will be able to develop and institute educational programs to help those in need. Many, many thanks also to the anonymous donors of monetary gifts and to the school clubs and organizations that held food and coat/clothing drives to benefit the Thrift Shop. Our hearts are warmed by your generosity and thoughtfulness. So many nice items came in that will be sure to provide warmth on these cold, cold days.

The Valentine’s Day items will be on display within the next week or two, so be sure to get in and pick up a pretty sweater or top or some items to decorate everything from your table to the front door. There’s greenery and flowers and vases and knick-knacks of all kinds that we are in the process of displaying.

I recently heard someone say they were going to make it their New Year’s resolution to clean out closets and garages and attics and get their gently used items dropped off to our window at the rear of the building on the First Street side. What a great resolution. Another person told me they were going to make it their resolution to volunteer this year. We are always in desperate need of volunteers!

Christmas has passed (and all too quickly) but I am still reflecting on the words spoken in church this past weekend. Pastor said, and reiterated it in the bulletin that, “We all need a “Stable” background, and to keep Christ not only in Christmas, but in each day throughout the year.” He also said, “To some, Christmas is all about the presents but let us remember that the best gift of all is Him.”

From all of us at the Thrift Shop, we wish you all a very healthy, happy, safe, successful, and joy-filled peaceful New Year.


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