August 28, 2014

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Jenkins ready to start Spencerville Water Treatment Plant project PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, January 23, 2014 9:20 PM


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SPENCERVILLE — Village Administrator Sean Chapman told Spencerville Village Council Tuesday he met with Todd Jenkins, the new construction administrator (CA) for the village’s new water treatment plant, and he is up to speed and ready to get started on the project. Jenkins has requested current contracts and drawings for his review.

“We had a meeting scheduled at the plant site on Thursday, where Peterman and Associates introduced Jenkins and brought all parties up to speed on the project status,” Chapman said. “I feel very confident in that we will be in good hands during the course of this project.”

He also reminded council members that hiring a new village solicitor before the project resumes is very important.

“We have the draft assignment which needs to be reviewed by an attorney to ensure that it protects the village from liability,” Chapman stated. “In addition, we may need some legal advice as the project starts back up. “

He urged council to take the appropriate actions in securing a new solicitor as quickly as possible and said if the village does not act swiftly, there is a good chance the overall project schedule could be pushed back.

Chapman also reported the Wastewater Treatment Plant’s generator was repaired and a surge protector was installed to help prevent similar damage to the equipment.

In addition, Chapman said Aqua-Line Leak Detection Service searched for leaks in the water distribution system and found one large leak at Mulberry and North streets and three smaller leaks (Charles and First, Fourth Street at the canal and Fourth Street in the alley between Main and Canal streets). Work orders have been written for each leak and will be repaired soon.

Chapman presented council with a request from R. Lee Macwhinney, owner of 120 S. Broadway apartments, for an adjustment in the water/sewer bill at that location. The owner said the tenants left the water running to try to avoid the lines freezing and this created excessive usage of 55,500 gallons, which would cost $848.83. The average usage for that property is 3,350 gallons.

Chapman recommended Macwhinney’s bill be adjusted to $403.35, which is still much higher than normal but offers some relief. Council members approved the recommendation and passed the motion unanimously.

Recently, there was a low elevated tank alarm which turned out to indicate a leak at the SE corner of 6th & Broadway Streets.

“Becker, Burnett and I were on the leak and ended up cutting out 52 inches of the 8-inch diameter pipe, as the original leak was a large hole and lateral crack on the bottom of the pipe, next to a previous repair clamp,” He detailed.

After the initial repair, two more leaks were found in close proximity and the crew made the repairs.

Council also addressed a new ordinances allowing a one-time carry over of accrued vacation time for village Police Chief Darin Cook.

Cook distributed a 2013 statistical call report for the police department.

“Overall, complaints and reports have increased slightly,” Cook said.

Clerk and Treasurer Dawn Bailey distributed the proposed 2014 budget to council for its review and asked for council to consider adopting the permanent appropriations at the second meeting of February.

A utilities meeting was scheduled for 6 p.m. on Thursday in council chambers to discuss the SoftEPAY program and utility collections.

Councilman John Medaugh asked how residents can be assured that weekly recycle materials are actually being recycled by the contracted haulers. He said there has been some concern that the materials are placed in with the trash. Chapman and Johnson explained the recycled materials are sorted on-site as single stream. Chapman said that he can request reports from ACR for assurance that materials are being recycled.

No reports were given or meetings scheduled at this time for Safety/Streets and Buildings, Grounds, Recreation committees.

Johnson said he had been contacted by a member of the pool fundraising committee inquiring whether the pool is opening this summer. Johnson responded that the permanent appropriations had yet to be adopted.

Resident LeAnn Warnecke pointed out that there is a low hanging wire at Sammy’s Auto and she expressed concern about safety. Cook said it is a dead wire; Chapman had called the telephone and cable companies to report but to date nothing has been done.

The next meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Feb. 3 in council chambers.


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